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__  _-=CT=- 
 Crimson Tide  
 Contact: T-Bird 
alt: Schoolbus 

 Of Death 
 Contact: Sgt. D 
Alt GhostDad 

Contact: Xeus 
Alt: Spanky  

Alchoholics Annoymous 
Contact:  J.Beam  

       < O> 
order of the eye 
Contact: CaRbIaN  

Xtreme Supremacy 
Alt Stealth 

Clan Of Rum 
Contact: Crash 
alt: Blessed 

Wolf clan 
Contact: Damage 

Unforgiven Gunmen 
Contact: Shane  

Gods of Hell 
Contact: Braveheart (assassin) 

Clan brother 
Contact: PQuaker 
Alt/demo/official Mageslayer 

The Immortals 
contact: Fire 




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Current News
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Sunday  Feb 1st. 
    I spent a lot of time Friday and Sunday updateing this site - it was very confusing with all the changes in teams and forfeits PLEASE check your stuff and let me know if there are mistakes and if you need to make any changes.  Get forms in on games played and fill in completely! And get me schedules a soon as possible - please  try 48 hrs in advance of schedule game - PEEEZ!  Lets put this makeup week to good use!! 
We lost one of our mirror sites - Thanks to [GI] B for the effort! 
Friday  January 30th 
Whoa January is almost over
From The Bird - this...  
More bumps in an already rocky road.  Clans BR and BoZ have left WWI.  A BIIIIGGG round of applause to Quake2 for screwin BR over, and BoZ had the unfortunate problem of not enough active members.  Whether replacement clans will be found, or if the tourney will continue on without them, is, as of yet, unknown.  Matches are backed  
up as well, with only WOLF, CT, and SoD "up to date".  
Possibly a make-up week will be instituted.  
Update to rules:  In addition to the allowable pause, 1 per team, per 
round, 1 minute max, can be "saved/declined", Substitutions ARE allowed, IF, and only if the subbing player gets permission from the other clan.  This 
should NOT involve flooding for an answer, etc.  This should be asked up to 3 times (not all at once).  If no answer is given from the "speaker" for the 
clan at the match, then the request is declined automatically.  2 in-match 
substitutions are allowed. 
Thursday  January 29th 
        Oh i couldnt live with myself any longer I had to write something... 
More Tomorrow.... 
Wednesday  January 21st 
        Contrary to popular belief, the 2v2 is NOT dead! 
As a matter of fact, here's the setup! 
AA  - J.Beam + J.Daniels 
BR  - DizzMan + Whizperz ; Earthquake + Q123we ; Quark + Apoc 
CT  - Qtip + T-Bird ; Dracul + Vladd ; CaptDeath + USADan (lpb team -> isdn) 
SoD - SGT-D and Ghostrider; COL_Kurtz and Butch (lpb team -> T1 and isdn) 
X   - Avatar + Eraser; Blackfoot + Stomper 
(0) - Chaos + Arius; Carbian + Storn (lpb -> isdn) 
For the 2v2...default teams are the hpb squads.  
Lpb teams are only allowed to play if other clan agrees to it. 
Look for a 2 vs 2 web page soon! 
Lastly, clan xUx will fill for the now-absent KF,  
taking over their 3-1 record. 
Tuesday  January 20th 
        I'm really sorry to report the following News! 
Due to an unfortunate lack of active members at this time, GI must withdraw from the tournament.  Hopefully we'll have this problem squared away by the time WW2 comes around, but until then, I wish you all good luck in your matches.  -- [GI] Picklehead S 
KF withdrawls from tournament - They decided to pull out on their own accord, due internal problems. 

Clan -N-  (Neurotica) has agreed to take GI's place, and accept a 2-2 record (GI's week 2 matches are counted as forfeits, unless N can reschedule them and play) 
Saturday  January 17th 
Vote on joining LoC: For - 0 Against - 3 (some violently opposed ;) 
From The Bird  Start scheduling week3!  :-).'s Candle's server list:
Friday  January 16th 
Mirror Sites up and running  - we bee popuilar! 
Our New Host Site 
Hosted by QuestGate 
our new mirror sites 
East Coast Mirror Site by [GI] B 
Thanks [GI] B  
and the original Site 
Thanks GhostDad 
Take your Pick!!! 

Whoa Mention names and the  
forms come rolling in - Thanks 
Wednesday  January 14th 
From {KF}Scarbeille comes this: 
We need ppl to remember to fill out the damned results! 
BTW I need RuM vs SoD, RuM vs. CT, GI vs. Wolf, NC vs. AA 
From ME: I couldn't agree more!! 
Watch for Screenshots page SOON! 
Thanks Blackfoot - Need some moreGreat action shots plz! 
Tuesday  January 13th 
Grrrr -  It's Tuesday - one match scheduled! 
did we cancell week 2 and forget to tell me?? 
Monday  January 12th 
Our first suspension! 
From T-Bird Comes this -  [GI]Smoke2much has admitted to the spamming 
incident last night (Friday - GI vs SOD),and is WWI's first official suspension.  He is not permitted to come on-server in GI's next match. 
GET Those WEEK 2 Matches Scheduled!   
Using the form  
Need Final Results from Protest for NC vs X 
And wk 1 Results for SoD vs RuM 
and GI vs Wolf! 
Saturday  January 9th 
Not much to report...check the tables to see who is winning! 
Sod vs Gi took about an hour to get started friday  due to several People haveing Huge ping spikes - trying to find a server 
[SoD] Ghostdad and[GI]Smoke hitting 11000 + ! 
my suggestion-schedule away from Friday nights?!?! 
OH AND.... 
We ran into a major IDIOT!  
FLOODING/SPAMINg Messages and 
following us to differnt servers! 
Some people are just born stupid i guess- BUT- I think this guy was working on his masters degree.... 
Wednesday  January 7th 
Haven't heard how the match went last night, which reminds me - There was only ONE match! Someone mislead me! 
Suffice it to say PLEASE BE SURE YOU FILL OUT  
 NC vs X is Tonight Wednesday 9:00 EsT 
GI vs Wolf - ahhh, its Wednesday 
Still not Scheduled? 
Tuesday  January 6th 
Two matches tonight Bos vs <0> AND NC vs  X 
Good Luck and happy fraggin... 
A reminder if you have something 
to get on THIS news E-Mail 
From The Bird Comes This... 
As the 2v2 hasn't gotten any attention yet, I'm gonna enlighten ya'll. 
Final date for 2v2 submission is Monday, January 5. 
Please tell me if you are adding/withdrawing teams. 
Currently, AA has 1 team, BR has 3 teams, CT has 3 teams (1 lpb team),  
KF has 1 team, and <0> has 2 teams (1 lpb team). 
Once I get final teams, I should have the schedule out by Wednesday the 7th. 
Webmaster Note: 
As I Didn't get this on the news i'm extending T's deadline to Tuesday at 10:00pm. I have no authority to do so. 
I hope T-Bird understands...If not - I'm in D33P Manur3! 
Monday  January 5th 
All matches are set for This week - Don't Slack off - start setting up next weeks matches!  
I had a rummer of a forfeit 
"WWI has its first forfeit....Wolf just forfeited to Br" 
Sorry to hear this, any truth to it? 
Nothing in the mail? 
Need a great screen shot - who has got one?? 
If you have any problems uploading your demo, email for help. 
Demos link should work fine now! 
Sunday  January 4th. 
Congratulations to BR defeating BoZ  2 - 1 
in our second match of the season 
last evening  
We Are having Trouble with Demos link 
as of 12:06CST the server was down 
keep checking back 
Saturday  January 3rd. 1998 12:23am
Hey Big news about Demos - Clan RuM is goin to provide web space for the matchdemos - for any one to look at... 
Needs a password - check with Clan reps!  
To Upload a file(demo)
user: anonymous (or ftp)
password: your@email.address
cd /pub/incoming
To Download
simply click 
here to
see list
This is a highly secure ftp site - you cant see any files or copy 
over any - if you make a mistake - you will have to 
change the name before trying again.
Friday January 2nd. 1998
wonder how many times i'll forget its 1998
Happy New Year 
Well Im a day late - Hope everyone one had a happy New Year-  
I know I did - that's why im a day late 
Holy Gibs Batman we have had our  
First Completed Match 
Congratulations to [X] defeating KF 2 - 0  
see the results page ! 
Get your Matches Scheduled  
We are in  The First week

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