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 Crimson Tide  
 Contact: T-Bird 
alt: Schoolbus 

 Of Death 
 Contact: Sgt. D 
Alt GhostDad 
Contact: Xeus 
Alt: Spanky  

Alchoholics Annoymous 
Contact:  J.Beam  

       < O> 
order of the eye 
Contact: CaRbIaN  

Xtreme Supremacy 
Alt Stealth 

Clan Of Rum 
Contact: Crash 
alt: Blessed 

Wolf clan 
Contact: Damage 

Unforgiven Gunmen 
Contact: Shane  

Gods of Hell 
Contact: Braveheart (assassin) 

Clan brother 
Contact: PQuaker 
Alt/demo/official Mageslayer 

contact: Fire 



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There have been some changes that are not reflected here - this should be used as a general guidline only. Not the final LAW see -=CT=-T-Bird 
I, The Basics II. Rules III. The WsNet Council
A. Clans 
  1. Currently enlisted clans. 
  2. Divisions 
B. The Main Tourney 
  1. Scoring 
    a) Wins 
    b) Losses 
    c) Ties 
  2. Disqualification's 
    a) Unsuccessful Rescheduling 
    b) Breaking Rules on Server 
    c) Breaking Rules off of Server 
  3. Ejection's 
C. Playoffs 
D. The 2 on 2 Season 
E. The Details 
  1. Match Setup 
  2. Rescheduling 
  3. Demo-ing 
  4. Observers 
F. Servers
A. Conduct 
  1. On Server 
  2. Off Server 
B. Forfeitures 
C. Cheating 
D. Suspensions 
  1. Player 
  2. Clan 
E. Ejection's 
  1. Player 
  2. Clan 
F.  Connections 
G. Clan Member Listing 
H. Complaints 
A. Conduct 
  1. On Server 
  2. Off Server 
B. Forfeitures 
C. Cheating 
D. Suspensions 
  1. Player 
  2. Clan 
E. Ejection's 
  1. Player 
  2. Clan 
F.  Connections 
G. Clan Member Listing 
H. Complaints
A. Composition 
B. Authority
IV. WsNet Officials
A. Composition 
B. Observe Matches
  1. Authority 
  2. Duties 
  3. Penalties
V. Requirements for Matches 
VI. Webpage Upkeep  
VIII. Joining
A. Conditions 
B. Contact
I. The Basics 
A. Clans: 
 WWI is a private, hpb, netQuake, ctf tourney by invite only.  If your clan would like to join, please see  part VIII.  This time around, only 12 clans  are invited. 
1. Currently enlisted clans: 
 -=CT=- (CrimsonTide) 
    GI      (Gibbering Idiots) 
     AA    (Alcoholics Anonymous) 
    BoZ   (Brotherhood of Zebu) 
    NC    (Nobody's Children) 
   SoD   (StormTroopers of Death) 
         -6 spaces available 

2. Divisions: 
 The tourney is divided into a 4-on-4 / 5-on-5 / 6-on-6 league (mandatory), and a 2-on-2 league  (optional).  Both  of these leagues are further subdivided into  an A and B section, later useful for  the playoffs. 

B. The Main Tourney 
 A 6 week schedule of 4-on-4, 5-on-5 or 6-on-6 matches.  What results is that every clan will play every  other, resulting in 2 matches a week.  At the end of the 6 weeks, the 4 teams with the best records (2  from each division) will battle for the championship in a 2 week long playoff. 
1. Scoring: 
 All matches are best 2 out of 3 rounds. 
a. Wins: 
 The team that wins 2 out of 3 rounds gets the win.  Wins can also come from forfeitures, suspensions,  and ejection's (see respective sections). 
b. Losses: 
 Pretty obvious.  Can also result if you are the team disqualified, suspended for the match, or ejected  from the tourney (at which point it doesn't matter anyhow). 
c. Ties: 
 Result when both teams win one round, tie the third, and a fourth round does not resolve things.  In  short, it's unlikely to happen.  Ties can also result from special events discussed under Rescheduling. 

2. Disqualifications 
 These should rarely happen.  They can result from one of several problems: 
a. Failure to Meet Minimum Match Requirements: 
 If, even after 15 minutes after the "official" match time, a clan cannot get at least 4 players on server,  that clan either plays short, or forfeits.  If another player shows up DURING the match, s/he is not  allowed to join until in-between rounds. 
b Breaking Rules on Server: 
 A WsNet official has the right to disqualify a clan if, after repeated warnings, a clan continues to break  the agreed to rules.  Ejection's must be ok'd by the council first, but the match is suspended until such  is resolved. 
c. Breaking Rules off of Server: 
 This will most likely only apply to web page conduct.  A clan is subject to suspension, and, if the page  does not change (or gets worse), possible ejection from the tourney. 

3. Ejection's: 
 -Will ensue if a clan repeatedly breaks the rules, but will be reviewed by the council first. 
 -IMMEDIATE ejection can happen to a clan if one player is found masking ping.  This is the only time  an official has the right to eject a clan.  Proof must be presented to the council to uphold the ejection. 
 -Complaints by a clan about another are to be directed to the council, which will then review the  available material (demos, chat logs, web pages, etc.) 
 -If ejected, the clan is expected to quietly leave.  Anything printed on a web page is no longer a  concern to the Tournament officials, but may appear childish for failure to take responsibility, and then  talking badly about those who enforced the rules. 
 -The ejected clan is not welcome to the next season. 
 -Players ejected, if found playing again (and all clan player names will be kept up to date) will get the  entire clan ejected. 

C. Playoffs 
 At the end of the 6 week season, the two teams with the best record from each division (A and B)  will play each other.  The two winners will then battle for first and second, and the two losers for third  and fourth place. 

D. The 2 on 2 Season 
 This will be conducted similarly to the main tourney, but is optional.  There is no rescheduling  allowed.  Any interested clan has a main team and one or two backup teams.  The teams have  FIXED  members.  If one person on a team is having problems, either play on, or send in another  team, not another player. 
 As in the main tourney, playoffs will be held. 

E. The Details 

1. Match Setup: 
 -All matches are best 2 out of 3 ctf on a clanring server, set to DM1 (i.e. weapons disappear after  being picked up, and re-spawn at given time intervals. 
 -Duration is 20 minutes per round, unless both clans agree to otherwise. 
 -Each team is picks one map, while the other team picks a color, and vice versa, and the tiebreaker is  one of the following three (voted on by the WW1 council as the standard 3rd round maps):  
  ctf   ctf2m   (not yet determined) 
 -Both clans must agree to the chosen 3rd round board.  If an agreement cannot be reached, a WW1  official will pick for them.  The official will try to pick the board least played by both clans combined.   The third round board may NOT be a map chosen for either of the previous match rounds. 
 -The match setup, including main server and 1 -2 backups, as well as date and  time MUST be submitted to officials at least 24 hours in advance. 
 -If one clan fails to show up without prior notice at least 2 hours in advance, a forfeit is called.  If at  least 2 members show, they can play a 4v2 if they so choose. 
 -5v5 is standard, but a match can go as low as 4v4, or as high as 6v6.  Match  size conforms to clan  with least amount of members, down to 4.  If a clan cannot get 4 members, 15  minutes after the match time, they forfeit, or play shorthanded. 
 -Clans are to be on server, ready to go, 15 minutes prior to match time.  This  way, any potential server problems, player problems, or other problems can be identified, and worked  out in due time. 
2. Rescheduling: 
 A match can be rescheduled up to 2 times, but must take place within 1 week of the original date.  To  reschedule, notification of the match cancellation must be given to both the other clan, AND an official  AT LEAST 2 hours in advance.  

3. Demo-ing 
 -A demo should be taken of EVERY match.  The WW1 official can do this upon request, but the  clans can agree on an observer taking the demo. 
 -Filming should attempt to focus on both clans nearly equally, as well as individual players.  Switching  rapidly back and forth between players should be avoided. 
 -If a clan's demo taker fails to do so, all future demos will be taken by officials, or the other clan. 

4. Observers 
 The WW1 official is the only required observer.  More observers must be agreed upon by both clans. 

G. Servers 
 Currently known clanring servers are: 
dc.toocool.com      port 26004    port 26001    port 26001 

Please help expand this list, and notify officials/webmasters of outdated IP's. 
A server listing will be posted on the WW1 webpage. 

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II. Rules 
 As a member of the tourney, you are expected to follow all rules.  They are not intended to restrict or  limit, but to make the tourney smooth and enjoyable for all. 
A. Conduct 
 Respect for everyone WILL be shown. 
1. On Server: 
 What goes on in messagemode 2 is your business, BUT, slandering, cursing, and name calling are  NOT tolerated.  There is no reason to do so, as it doesn't change a thing, and any gripes can be sent to  the council afterwards.  Officials will issue warnings, then begin suspending players or the clan. 
 All clans are expected to show class and be gracious winners or losers, even in blowouts.  In short:   "Shut up and play." 
 Complaints can be brought to the council. 
 -A clan is expected to FINISH every match.  If a clan leaves early (probably because they  are losing badly), they automatically forfeit, AND are suspended from the next match. 
2. Off Server: 
 Web pages will be checked for slandering, etc.  Disputes will generally be kept between clans, but if  they spread, WW1 officials will intervene and issue warnings, etc... 

B. Forfeitures 
 -When less than 2 members show up.  
 -When a clan is short, and will not play. 
 -When a clan leaves a match early. 
 -When the second rescheduling fails. 
 -When a clan is disqualified for any reason. 

C. Cheating 
 -Obviously, no cheaters.  It is pathetic that some people have to resort to cheating to feel good about  themselves.  If any member of a clan is caught cheating, the ENTIRE CLAN is ejected from the  tourney. 
 -Immediate ejection results from faking a ping, or having an ejected/suspended player come back and  play again (even under a different name). 
 -All other cheating suspicions are to be brought to the council which will review demos, or anything  pertinent that can be found. 
 -A clan can only bring suspicions of cheating to the council 3 times and not have the other clan found  guilty.  After the third unsuccessful time, the clan is suspended for a match for wasting the council's  time. 

D. Suspensions 
 For either slandering, or any other aforementioned reason. 
1. Player: 
 If a player is suspended, he/she is not allowed to play in, or observe the next match, and is expected to  quietly leave the current one.  More than 2 suspensions, and the player is ejected. 
2. Clan 
 The same rules apply to a clan, but also result in forfeiture of any involved matches. 

E. Ejection's 
 Result from severe and/or repeated breaking of any rules. 
1. Player: 
 -When ejected, the player is expected to leave quietly, and is not allowed to play again until the next  season, unless council approved. 
 -If an ejected player is found playing without approval, or caught doing so under a different name, the  entire clan is ejected! 
2. Clan: 
 If a clan is ejected, it is expected to leave quietly as well.  All matches it has played, or has yet to play,  become wins for the other team. 
F.  Connections 
 The tourney is supposed to be HPB only, unless both clans agree to a mixed match.  The 2v2 rounds  can also be lpb, but hpb is encouraged.  Ping times SHOULD NOT drop below a 200 for more than  one or two seconds every once in a while. 
G.  Clan Member Listing: 
 Each clan is to submit a list of 20 members max. that will play in the tourney.  Members not listed  therein, but found playing, can be cause for a 1 match suspension of a clan.  A warning is issued first,  then the suspension will follow if the warning is not heeded.  The reason this rule was instituted was to  avoid "recruiting just for a match". 
H. Complaints 
 All complaints will be handled by the council or by an official (for minor problems). 

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III. The WsNet Council 
A. Composition: 
 The council will be composed of 15 members.  2 from -=CT=-, 2 from GI, and one from each  additional clan.  The final member (origin unknown as of now) only votes in the case of a tie, but can  bring up issues and debate just like anyone else. 
B. Authority: 
 -Council has final say on everything. 
 -Can suspend and eject players or clans by a majority vote. 
 -Hears complaints, major disputes, and appeals, and votes on them. 

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IV. WsNet Officials 
A. Composition:  
 They are the council members. 
B. Observe Matches 
 EVERY tourney match MUST have an official present.  Main reason for this is to make sure the rules  are upheld.  Secondarily, the official has final say on any disputes, and must report on the match  results to the appropriate webmaster.  OFFICIALS MAY NOT OBSERVE MATCHES  INVOLVING THEIR OWN CLAN.  The reason for this is to keep bias down to a minimum. 
1. Authority 
 a) To suspend a player after 2 warnings. 
 b) To end a match and suspend a clan after 3 warnings. 
  -appeals go to council 
 c) To eject a clan for cheating or having banned players come on. 
 d) Final say on disputes (like "ping is highly unfair for one clan, go to another server"). 
2. Duties: 
 a) To check clan web pages for gloating, slandering, etc. about the tourney, match, clan, or person. 
 b) To demo a match when no other cameraman can be found. 
 c) Give match reports for the WWI webpage. 
 d) Present firsthand accounts of events, should the council require them. 
3. Penalties: 
 If the council, upon appeal, finds an official suspended a player/match wrongly, or if an ejection is  done without ample proof (i.e. screenshot of cheating, etc.), the official receives a warning. 
 If done a second time, the official is relieved of duty and a replacement found. 

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V. Requirements for Matches  
1.  Officials must be informed at least 24 hours beforehand with the server, backup server, map choices, and if  he/she needs to do a demo. 
2. A match is required to have an official present. 
3. A demo is required of a match -> all rounds, and submitted to the web editors. 

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VI. Webpage Upkeep  
 The webpage will have the main, descriptive page.  Links from there include (but are not limited to)   the news, rules, clans, records, and matches/demos page. 
 The upkeep of this falls onto clan volunteers, who are expected to keep it up to date, with no more  than a 2 day delay on updates. 

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 Finally, all clans are required to use icq, and all leaders/ match handlers are to have all others on their  list, as well as officials and webmasters for quick contact, news, updates, etc. 

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VIII. Joining 
 By invitation only.  Submit a letter of interest, and the WW1 council will evaluate your clan for  possible  admission. 
A. Conditions 
 1. You have read and agree to all the above rules and possible penalties for their disregard. 
 2. Your clan accepts the penalties for any breakage of rules, as well as coming up shorthanded, come   match time. 
 3. All playing members have no higher than 56k connections and under 200 ping, unless the 2   matching clans agree to a mixed match. 
 4. You understand that if your clan does not get into this season, you retain top billing in order of   application for the next.  As it is first come, first serve, veteran clans that wish to play next   season will have the highest priority, followed by the oldest applicants.  It is possible the clan   number will be expanded for next season. 
B. Contact 
 If you are still interested, contact -=CT=-T-BirD (rkeeney@mindspring.com)  
Thank You. 

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