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 Of Death 
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Alchoholics Annoymous 
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Xtreme Supremacy 
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Gods of Hell 
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Friday  Mar.. 13th
  Congratulations xUx - Unforgiven Gunmen 
WWI Winners !  

xUx Defeats X 

xUx Shane comments: A great performance by xUx as a whole. xUx won it in 2 straight maps with many caps and lots of nice plays. X had a great game too, but the end proved that this wasn't their day.  In all, a great match that ended without any trouble or complaining.  The members of xUx would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers and all other clans present in this tournament for a great season. We wish them luck in their lives and future tournaments. 
Sunday  Mar.. 8th
    xUx Defeats AA 2-0 
xUx Shane Comments: xUx dominated on CTF8, but AA play CTF1 well. AA was ahead on CTF1 after xUx disconnected a few times, but xUx came back for the close win. 
The Final match is set [X] Meets  xUx  
Tuesday  Mar.. 3rd

xUx Defeats NC 2-0 
xUx Shane comments: It was a pleasure to war with the cool guys from NC. CTF2 was alot of fun, and a very close game. Good pick NC. CTF1 was xUx's level, and NC couldn't cap with Pat Garrett-xUx playing great defense. xUx wishes NC good luck in the future.  

Monday  Mar.. 2nd
       AA Defeats RuM 2-0 
RUM Crash comments: Rum as lagged as hell. So much so that I had to hit the key multiple times just to change weapons. We were probably moving at half the normal speed. AA on the other hand, were flying around the maps like they had a direct connection.  I spent most of the first map, not in position, but just dying over and over again - usually by an AA in mid air as he jumped and fired.  Wish I had had such good movement. It would have been nice just to be able to change weapons without having to hit the key 5 times. Out of the Rums playing we had one guy in Indiana, one in Fort Worth and two from Atlanta.  I don't really understand why we were all lagged, yet AA wasn't.  Don't really know what it is, 
but something ain't right about that. 

AA - Jim Beam comments: Good match RUM! Close game on warzone, sorry bout the lag  : ( 

Sunday  Mar.. 1st 
        AA vs Rum Sun. Mar.1st 4pm EST ---  AA-CTF2M2   RuM-CtS2M8  TB-CTF4 
xUx vs NC Mon Mar.2nd 9:30pm EST --- xUx-CTF1  NC-CTF2   TB-CTF2M3  
Friday  Feb. 27th   
          This is posted here for info sake - i have also updated the standings page 
8-3 (actually tied with RuM, but as how  
RuM defeated NC, they clinch#2) 
3-8 (is this right) 
2-9 (ahead of CBQ - SoD played all their matches,  
never forfeited, and simply have more games, period.) 
0-7 (placed ahead of TI cuz they played far more) 
0-6 (only played 1 game, forfeited rest)
Thursday  Feb. 26th   
           Playoff Format Is Chosen 
wwi playoff chart
Good Luck  Teams
PLAYOFFS:  Final date is March 12th.
Please have round1 games played by March 2, wA vs wB by March 6
and the final...by the 12th, heh.
Dont forget to submit a Match Form !
Tuesday  Feb. 24th   
 It's Over ...ya-hoo!
The regular season comes to an end with a BANG,
and a  disqualification and expulsion!
Subject to revisions...hehehe
Top 5 finishers! - subject to changes 
1) X    9-1 
2 and 3 )  RuM and NC, both 8-3 
4) xUx   7-0 
5)  AA  7-4
Monday  Feb. 23rd   
              The following is an editorial and no way reflects  
management or its employees!
"Having officiated 2 AA matches and participated in a match with AA
shame - shame!"
Sod got ther buts kicked in several matches - but we always stuck it out to the end - It doesnt matter that you win or lose it's how you play the game!
An oldie but goodie! - AA I think you are great guys... 
You need to learn to finish what you started.
You asked once "what's the point" - that's the point.
Good Sportsmanship!
with best intentions: GhostDad 
Wednesday  Feb. 18th.   
                     4 days left in the regular season & 
A whole lot of matches to be played! 
Some yet to be scheduled  
and whole lot more to be played! 
I'm not a fortune teller is true 
but i forsee many forfeits -Thats for sure! 
But come Sunday - all is said and done 
to the playoffs we head dor some more fraggin fun! 
Ok -  it isnt good - just hope you get the point!  
Tuesay  Feb. 17th.   
                      As I have it now  Ti has withdrwn from WWI and aparently <0> is a bit shakey also, due to Carbian leaving quake playing(go figure) They, (<0>) may or may not remain, I and the rest of WWI wish Carbian much luck...  
Saturday  Feb. 14th.   Happy Valentines day
                              Would someone mind telling me why the heck we're so incredibly behind in scheduling matches? 
Worst clans:  EGH, NC, AA, TI, CBQ, and <0> 
Only a few behind:  SoD, X, xUx, WOLF 
Caught up (scheduled):  CT, RuM 
Why is this?  You know...I really don't wanna be around next week when clans are trying to play 20 odd matches in 4-5 days. 
Have people forgotten that match scheduling ****MUST**** be submitted via the results form on the webpage?!?!!? 

After the CT-EGH match (which ran all but smoothly), 2 players have been banned from WWI.   EGH Target and TI-Q   
If either of these players show up on-server during a WWI event, it is cause for their respective clan's suspension/ejection.  Target was using a pingbot, and Q threatened to virus, slandered, flooded, and just about anything else conduct rules prohibit  
Wednesday  Feb. 11th. 
                               Whoa.. Crash has been busy - I suggest the rest of you get busy!  Today is Wednesday of week 6! 
From the discussion (23 emails in one day)(half were repeats) 
I gather that WWII is "In the works" ?  
Sunday  Feb. 8th. 
                                Blah Blah Blah   SOSDD  
Thursday  Feb. 5th. 
                                       Ok I messed up !  
1)  Its Ti not T1 - sorry Ti  
2) Its Week 5 the break week is after week 6 
 Please teams get caught up, if you can b 4 that, and we won't need it! 
Wednesday  Feb. 4th. 
   Check the schedule it has the new clans in!  
Welcome Ti and CBQ 
 Remember its week 5 - so everybody get caught up! 
And send those forms b 4 the game is played - please! 
like 48 hrs b 4!!! 
Webmaster notes: The last 2 weeks have been just hellish with 3-4 hr update sessions every couple days - This is not the fault of anyone - it is because of all the clan changes - which have been many. 
I don't want compliments to sooth my savage beast, (J / K send those too)  I want co-operation from everyone!  Please set up matches promptly and get results to me immediately after a match - get screen shots of final score - check em and send it in!  
Sunday  Feb. 1st. 
                                                   I spent a lot of time Friday and Sunday updating this site - it was very confusing with all the changes in teams and forfeits PLEASE check your stuff and let me know if there are mistakes and if you need to make any changes.  Get forms in on games played and fill in completely! And get me schedules a soon as possible - please  try 48 hrs in advance of schedule game - PLEEEZ!  Lets put this makeup week to good use!! 
We lost one of our mirror sites - Thanks to [GI] B for the effort!  
Looking for something in the news from January - its moved to archive 
click here 


Friday  January 30th 
Whoa January is almost over
From The Bird - this...  
More bumps in an already rocky road.  Clans BR and BoZ have left WWI.  A BIIIIGGG round of applause to Quake2 for screwin BR over, and BoZ had the unfortunate problem of not enough active members.  Whether replacement clans will be found, or if the tourney will continue on without them, is, as of yet, unknown.  Matches are backed  
up as well, with only WOLF, CT, and SoD "up to date".  
Possibly a make-up week will be instituted.  
Update to rules:  In addition to the allowable pause, 1 per team, per 
round, 1 minute max, can be "saved/declined", Substitutions ARE allowed, IF, and only if the subbing player gets permission from the other clan.  This 
should NOT involve flooding for an answer, etc.  This should be asked up to 3 times (not all at once).  If no answer is given from the "speaker" for the 
clan at the match, then the request is declined automatically.  2 in-match 
substitutions are allowed.  ! 

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WEEK1 Scoring recap 

[X] defeating KF 2 - 0  ble 
 KF>Scarbellie's Comments: Wow we got raped.. Hmm very poor showing by KF not only in player turn-out but in conduct. My ISP failed in the end and I hate to find out what was said after 2m1. All in all, I thought xtremes, was not as fast as they promised :/ . Dizz Man did a very good job officiating, Good luck to X . 

[BR] Defeats BoZ   2 - 1
 GG BoZ, and who/what is Zebu? s:-) 
From Trix R 4 Zebus...
comments: I guess we'd better practice those other 15 levels... 
Oh and for all of you who are wondering just what IS a zebu, check 
out our page's picture section.  
Webmaster note:  http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/towers/1424

BR Defeats Wolf
From  ]BR]Whizperz...
comments: Good game to Wolf ! 
Wolf did forfeit game 2 which was played on ctf2m3 
BoZ Defeats <O> 2-0
From CaRbiaN:
comments: Impressive showing, Zebu. Salute!! :) 
KF Defeats -=CT=-  2-0
From Scarbellie: comments; GG, I guess, pings for most were bad (big surprise) I admit, jerkweed had a nice ping, but saying he is to LPB is kinda sad =(.  Anyhow both teams had player trouble and this 2 game match ended at 11pm.  I can't take anymore of these marathons. 
GG CT and good luck 
AA Defeats <O> 2-0 
From Crown Royal: Good game <O> 
[GI] Defeats [SoD] 2-0

Rum Defeats SoD 2-0
Man, these scores don't look too hot, but you had a few guys bail out on the first map.(Ghostdad Footnote:my ping was 10,000 - bailout was better than giving free frags away)  You only had two people in there for a while... 

NC defeats X  2-1 in the rematch of the week!
From [NC] XEUS Comes This: This was a fun one.  First time we played, NC won on CTF1 on NC's server, then beat Xtreme on CTF2M2 on Xtreme's own server.  But for the second out of three matches, the opposing clan had some problem or another.  CTF2M2 was thrown out.  So NC and Xtreme had to play AGAIN, this time on Xtreme's server.  Xtreme won on CTF2M2, but NC pulled out a close victory on CTF2M3 to win the overall match, after the most lagged player of the game, Komodo, had a moment of clarity and cleared out enemy base with a quad.  How's that for justice?  "...and I don't walk so proud...and I don't talk so loud...anymore...and what for?"

GI Defeats Wolf
From WoLF - Bane these thoughts:comments: Extremely unofficial results, based on a Bane's-Eye recording.  Wolves got off to a good start,  
GIs were dropping like flies (literally and figuratively).  I even got cocky enough to let 'em "touch it."  But then GIs returned from The Hell of Eternal Phone Jacks, and the Reign of the Dread Pickle began!  We only got our base back when PickleHead got telefragged.  MVP of the game, IMO. 
Second verse, same as the first...`drub-bing (<Arabic): To beat soundly,  
as with as stick.  So congrats GIs, thx for the rematch. 
CT Defeats RuM 2-1
Nobody had anything to say?!? 
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WEEK2 Scoring recap 
Kf Defeats SoD 2-0
From Scarbeille - comments: GG SoD! ON CTF1 our level we came out very well, got Quad all the runes and just let it fly. ON CTF2m2 they got the first cap early, but we rebounded and then noone had a "Good D" but we were able to keep carrier close enuff to our flag for caps. Ummm GG SoD! 
X beats <o> 2- 0 
From [X] Blackfoot comes this:
comments: Well, we beat them by alot, but they are by no 
means lame or anything. No one whined, no one left...
they are a great clan, and Im grateful that we got to 
play cool guys this week.

NC Defeats CT 2-0
From T-Bird these comments: Crash was official, match was moved to mit.  round1 was just pathetic on CT's part, but also, CandleBoX suffered from severe lag.  Round2 was a very pleasant surprise, tho.  CT gave NC a great challenge, and could have won it, had NC not controlled our base for the last 2 minutes, grabbing the flag the instant it was returned several times, preventing T-BirD from capturing and winning the round.  GG NC! 
NC Defeats SoD 2-0
From Ghostdad these comments: Highlites for Sod were much better Defense in the Second Game-lowlites were Ghostrider with a  -1 in the first game(usually a team point leader) - walking in from an 8 hr work shift and trying to get something going with the last minute game and no practice... NC plays outstanding  defense! 
BR Defeats <o> 2-0
]BR] whizperz comments: Good game to <0>! They are a really cool clan and were the best sports I've ever seen from a clan.  We played Game 1 as Spill and Game 2 as Two Towers. 
X Defeats AA 2-0
From X Blackfoot these comments: X had excellent teamwork in this match. A well played game by AA also. 

AA Defeats CT 2-0 
From -=CT=-  T-Bird these comments: CT got first capture on ctf1...something I'm rather proud of, but the greater experience of AA then showed, and they dominated the map.  Ctf2m1, CandleBoX froze up for 4 times, 1 min each, but CT still played AA very close.  They were only ahead by one cap until 3 minutes left, and achieved a 3 capture lead  
with 14 or so seconds left. 

KF Defeats Wolf 1-0 
From Wolf BANE these comments: Ooh, a squeaker!  The first game, ctf1, was a Charlie Foxtrot, courtesy of a couple KFs.  Second game was winner-take-all on T-Bird's suggestion and KF won E1M1 as blue, by 13 points according to player totals.  From the stats, we were outplayed.  76% efficiency for Wakko!  Well, at least he can Quake.  Congrats, Scar! 
From T-Bird - his - comments: This really was a huge mess.  Once Scarbellie disconnected, 3/5 of KF let loose with all hell, which would have earned them a suspension had WOLF not been generous enough to agree to a "One round take all" where WOLF was allowed to pick map AND color.  Very close game, but a loss of quad control by WOLF towards the end of e1m1 (red base) lost them the map. 

Rum Defeats BoZ 2-0 
Anonymous comments: Pathetic attendance by BOZ. Because of a lack of members we had to play shorthanded by one on CTF2M4 and by two on CTF2M8. A damn shame too... this coulda been a good match. 
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WEEK3 Scoring recap 
NC Defeats Wolf 2-0
From Wolf BANE these comments: Auntie Em!  Auntie Em!  If we had capped once, we would have doubled our score.  Backup server, similar pings, wolves seemed hampered a little.  Levels were ctf2m8 and ctf2m2.  NC turned in some frightening efficiency:  97.6% for L810C in first match.  L810C and Komodo were over 90% for both, remaining NC's were 
merely awe-inspiring. 
AA Defeats SoD 2-0
[SoD] GhostDad comments: Couldnt hold base - couldn't hold middle - Couldnt capture - and the list goes on.... 
AA did a masterful job-well done AA 
X Defeats CT 2-0
CT T-Birds comments: First map, ctf, 2nd ctf2m3.
Well played game by both clans!  Maximal refused to die both rounds....X also had str rune entire 40 mins, I believe, which negated any attempts at O in ctf1.  I had a HORRIBLE night...2 points on ctf1...gawd...coulda played HIFI and gotten that much...  Anyway, congrats to X on a job well done =)

X Defeats SoD 2-0
[X] BlackFoot comments: I wasnt there, but congrats to SOD for 
not quitting or acting lame. 
xUx Defeats BoZ
comments: Boz was a man short for our 4v4, so xUx agreed to play the match 3v3 even though  the WWI rules allow for a 4v3 match in this case. xUx came out a little flat on the  first board, and BOZ ended up with a close win by getting the last 2 quads and capping in the last minute. The other two boards were all xUx, with great games by Pat Garrett, Curly, and Yosimite Sam. 
BR forfeits to xUx

EGH Forfeits to <0> 
FROM CARBIAN: This was a forfeit from EGH. It's a long and complicated story. I didn't want a win like this, I really didn't. But I had no choice.  
I have no hard feelings for EGH and I actually plan on trying to get a match with them soon. This was an unforante incident and I hope I never have to go through something like it again. Sorry EGH. 

Wolf forfeits to AA 

From Week 3  Rum Defeats CBQ 2-0 
RUM did Great. CBQ had problems, because rageslayer had to go, and xscaper wanted to go to.  Xscaper had some lag.  

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WEEK4 Scoring recap 

<O> Defeats Sod 2-0 
 <O> Carbian comments: Wow. What a great game!  
We've doing a lot of practicing on ctf4 and it shows! We were well organized, emphasizing on D. A very stressfull game for me as I watched SOD and <0> hold the flag for LONG minutes while a member from each clan attacked and, um, died. But eventually, that stalemate ended and it was <0> offense kicking ass! Unforantely, SOD had some bad lag problems for the game but so did a few of the Brothers towards the end.  As for SOD's level, Spill The Blood, we lost to BR on that level, badly(!) so we spent the last week practicing it and, YEAH!, that showed too. The SOD's put a great fight. It wasn't an easy victory at all. A lot of work involved during the match and tons of practicing before.  We got sick of losing, as you can tell :)  GG SOD!  Sorry about the lag :( 

Rum Defeats <0> 

[X] Defeats Wolf 
[X] Bliss comments: GG by Wolf. Ctf1 was a dm until the last 10 minutes when  our offense exploded. Our D was perfect that game. ctf2m8 was a more competitive game. Highlight: Squall[X] finished ctf2m8 with a 100% efficiency!!! 

Banewolf comments: Well I think X can just file us under SMOG for "Slow Moving Objects, Gibbed."  Sorry about our problem child, leaving in the middle of ctf1 -- he's gone for good now.  Thanks for the games, gents. 

CT Defeats SoD 2-0 
T-Bird comments: To quote Crash: "Damn, I forgot to warn SoD about CT and that middle area!", referring to ctf4.  LOL...nice to see we're improving.  GG to SoD who were very good sports throughout, even when the server was strangely reset in the middle of round2 (we ended up replaying it).  One of the bigger games (in player turnout) that CT has played in a good while!  GG SoD! 

GhostDad comments: This was a great matchup - I really thought we (SoD) were gonna win this one - with a begining stalemate - I thought our Defense was gonna take the mines to CT - but alas they got threw the defense for a capture...and then more.  However  Ghostdad(me) was on fire (see screenshots) with some big time kills and SoD point leader for level! Second game we were even better - but couldn't hold middle and defense broke down with some bad regens and lag probs. this level had to be restarted on another server after everyone got Dc'd from the server we were on!  Took 2hrs to get this match done - Match-a-marathon... 

WEEK5 Scoring recap 
xUx Defeats <0>
comments: After waiting a bit for server to clear and xUx to decide who was going to play the match between (O) and xUx began. Curly got Disconnect for about 5min but we were able to hold off the onslought of (O). CTF4 was next and a closer game. After Cheezy had to leave (I forgot why) Shane dropped to make teams a even 3 v 3 and Chavez came out with some caps to top the game off. Good game (O) look forward to playing again. 

xUx Defeats Rum 2-1 
Chavez-xUx comments: After waiting around for Chavez to arrive due to connection problems, xUx was ready to play the match with RUM. On CTF1, Pat Garret turned on the GOD MODE as was able to penetrate their defenses consistently. Curly, with some difficulties early, managed to contribute what he could. Shane and Chavez were able to hold off the onslaught of RUM. On CTF2M2, RUM triumphed over the Gunmen, by a huge margin. But the Gunmen bounced back on CTF2M1 to pull off the victory. Good job all. It was a close match. Hope to play you guys again RUM. 

From Week 3  Rum Defeats CBQ 2-0 
RUM did Great. CBQ had problems, because rageslayer had to go, and xscaper wanted to go to.  Xscaper had some lag.  
Rum Defeats NC 2-0 
Crash comments: Rum was pleasantly surprised to win this match in two maps. Truthfully, we feared NC more than any other clan (besides xUx).  We're very proud to have this win against such a good clan. NC's behavior during the match was impecable.  Thanks for a great game NC. 
Rum Defeats NC 2-0 

xUx Defeats NC 2-0 
Shan xUx comments: On Forgetten Mines, with the help of incredible defense, cover, and a key flag return by Pat Garrett, xUx executed a cautious but relentless attack on NC which eventually yielded two flag captures. NC nearly had one capture themselves in the last minute but couldn't get back fast enough to cap while they were holding their defense tight. On McKinley Base, Curly held the base air tight up until the last few minutes, only allowing a few flags to leave the base all game. This allowed the rest of xUx to concentrate on clearing NC's base of defenders, which they did several times to cap. When an NC killed 3 xUx with quad late in the match they got all the runes and 2 caps in before the confusion settled down. Both clans faught hard throughout. 

 Rum  Defeats AA  2-1 
Crash's comments: Started getting a little lip from AA during the 3rd map as it became evident that Rum was going to win the match.  I'm sure everybody's heard that story before though :) 

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WEEK6 Scoring recap 

CT Defeats EGH 2-0 
From T-Bird these comments: CT did very well on ctf2m3.  EGH was plagued by disconnections (3 of them I think), and their best player, Nsomething left right after, before the screenshot was taken.  He had about 36 points (the other around 5).  Scarbellie's demo didn't work, but a GREAT job nonetheless for detecting the pingbot, EGH Target! 
Thank you, Scar!  

CBQ Defeats CT 2-0 
T-Bird comments: Ridiculously low turnout for CT.  30 mins after scheduled match start, I was sTILL only one there.  CBQ was kind enough to allow me to play 3 vs 1, and Crash said "if you win, this'll be the most popular demo on the WWI page".  Around 10 minutes left, I thought this would be "the most popular demo on the WWI page", as I was leading 36-2 or so, with str rune, full armor, ammo, health and all, fraggin away.  I should have gone up the chute (WarZone) and camped my butt off for the last 10-15 mins, but I didn't wanna be a llama, and that's what lost it.  I got cornered by a quadder (I believe...don't remember much) and died, lost everything, and CBQ just went about fairly unobstructed from there.  I managed to stall em a few times, but couldn't stop the overall avalanche. 
Round2, Dogma showed up, fresh outta work (he was not expected to show...many thanks to him for coming), and a 3 vs 2 was played.  Quad control is very important on ctf2m7, and that was the main thing that lead to our destruction.  A complete lack of practice, and no quad control, let CBQ roll over us. GG CBQ, thx for the sportsmanship, and congrats on a job well done!  We gave it our best ;) CT ENDS WWI 6-5 (unless we get to play xUx to replace the KF result). 

Rum Defeats Wolf 2-0 
Crash comments: Map1 - CTF2M2, Map2 - CTF2M1 - 
Rum enjoyed playing Wolf.  We have high regards for their sportsmanship. 

comments: Wolves came out and rocked RuM back on their heels with a few quick caps on ctf2m2!  But steady play and ace shooting on RuM's part gave them the game.  Second game we agreed Phobia could switch to Cable modem due to lousy ping.  Unfortunately this was a pretty big hit, and the Wolves caved.  High wolf ended up scoring a mighty 6 -- not pretty.  But Rum was playing well, so the outcome of the match was not in doubt. 

X Defeats RuM 2-0 
RUM comments: As usual, X was incredible. X could only get three people together and we didn't want to make them play short since we have such high regards for Blackfoot and his group. We dropped one of our people to make it a three on three. We didn't really expect to win CTF1 against X but we were optimistic about the 2nd and 3rd maps.  We aren't as experienced as X and unfortunately playing with three people instead of four threw us off enough to loose the second map.  It was close though, 167 to 142.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some. Good game as usual X. 

xUx Defeats AA 
xUx comments: AA is disqualified for playing Absolut with an ISDN. The Game 3 points are taken from just before AA left the game entirely after several frustrating disconnects. 

There have been volumes spoken about this match! 

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