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Quake 1 fans may enjoy some of the links below. A bit of Rum and CTF history.

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General Game Sites

· Firing Squad [details]

Games, Hardware, Reviews and news. Cool site worth mentioning because Thresh (Dennis Fong) is a co-founder. He doesn't appear to be affiliated with the site anymore however.

· [details]

General game site with news and links. Heavy emphasis on Quake. Another site by JackHole.

· [details]

Player stats site like the old CLQ site. Stats for Q1, Q2, Q3, Counterstring and Unreal Tournament. Another site by JackHole.

· Planet Quake [details]

"The epicenter of everything Quake". Still going strong.

· The CLQ [details]

For over 4 years The CLQ has kept track of millions of game players (Quake, Unreal, Half-life, Tribes, etc.) on thousands of online game servers. Stopped being updated on March 28, 2003.

Game News

· Blues News [details]

Game news

· Shacknews [details]

The modern version of sCary's Shuga Shack, now a general game site.


· Daniel Rinehart's Quake Console Command Pages [details]

Console commands for Quake 1, Quake II and Quake III

Quake One Specifically

· ClanRing CRMod Server List [details]

List of Quake servers running Mephistopheles' Clan Ring mod including crctf+, the version modified for CTF by Pulse.

· Gameaholic Quake Server List [details]

The only Quake server list left that I am aware of.

· National Quake1 Server Directory [details]

Very nice Quake1 server list by JackHole

· Netquake Europe [details]

Quake is still alive in Europe

· Parboil's Quake Page [details]

Developer of the frog bot I think. Various versions of frog bot for ctf, dm, etc. Page is in Russian.

· Quaddicted [details]

Quake news and forum

· Quake Terminus [details]

Links, news and all sorts of Quake one resources.

· Quake Timeline [1996-2001] [details]

Quake Timeline [1996-2001]

· Quakeboard Forums [details]

Quake message forum

· [details]'s mission is the promotion of all things Quake

· [details]

Created to be the #1 resource for the id unsupported Quake ports being handled by Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch of Threewave / id Software and Jack 'Morbid' Mathews of QuakeSpy. See "details"

· The Quake HyperGate [details]

Repository for sites and resources related to net Quake 1.

Old School Quake Links

· Aeon's Nostalgia [details]

Go back in time and reminisce about all your favorite games...

· Clan 9 From Outer Space [details]

Old school clan and home of Qsmack Quake admin bot.

· Gameaholic [details]

Old school game site. The Quake stuff seems to be frozen in time which is kinda cool. Best feature of this site is the server lists including Quake of course but also Q2, Q3, Heretic II and others.

· Methos Quake [details]

Old school Quake site with interviews and lots of interesting info. Only renders correctly with Internet Explorer though - LAME.

· RetroQuake [details]

Resource for Quake and Quake II. Files, help, etc.

· The Gamer's Guide [details]

Old school site that is the integration of the Quake Newbie Guide, QuakEncyclopedia, and Who's Who in 3D.

· Tony's Quake Config File Tips [details]

Great guide to your Quake config file

From the Archives

· (circa Nov 1999) [details]

The mac daddy old school Capture the Flag site. Later absorbed by Planet Quake.

· Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch (circa Dec, 1998) [details]

Zoid's old personal page. For those who don't know, Zoid created Threewave CTF for Quake 1. Basically he was worshipped and revered as our god on earth :)

· (circa Dec, 1996) [details]

One of the original old school Quake sites. My god, this is old - 1996.

· (circa Mar, 2000) [details]

About the last archive of before it went down.

· (circa Jan, 1999) [details]

Old school Quake/gaming site. News, resources and a lot of hosting. Lots of old Quake sites were hosted here.

· League Of Capture (circa Apr, 1998) [details]

Quake one Capture the Flag League

· MPOG (circa Jan, 1998) [details]

MultiPlayer Online Gaming

· Quake META Server List (circa July, 1997) [details]

532 Quake servers baby! Rum's server is listed on this one.

· QuakeWorld Central (circa Aug, 1998) [details]

"The Official Home of QuakeWorld", now defunct.

· Redwood's 3D News (circa May, 1998) [details]

Old school gaming news.

· sCary's Shuga' Shack (circa Dec, 1997) [details]

Old school Quake site - sCary's Shuga' Shack - Sweet Ass News :)

· Stomped (circa Dec 1997) [details]

One of the big old school Quake sites.

· Stomped (circa Nov 2001) [details]

One of the big old school Quake sites. Last archive of the original Site is looking pretty slick by this time and not just Quake anymore...

· Server Listing (circa Dec, 1997) [details]'s server list from December, 1997. Some additional servers you may recognise like Indigo and Sodomizers. Rum isn't on this one, I think you had to add them manually.

· TeleFragged (circa May, 1998) [details]

One of the original old school Quake sites like PlanetQuake, Redwood, Blues News, etc.

· Threewave - Capture the Flag (circa Dec, 1998) [details]

Threewave CTF page back when it was mostly Zoid running the show.

· World of Hate (circa Apr, 1999) [details]

Old school Quake site, now defunct

· Xenocide Flag Academy (circa Feb, 1998) [details]

Great all around resource for CTF. Lot's of strategy and newbie guides.

· ][ronMan's Ultimate Quake Server Database (circa June, 1997) [details]

Oh my, take a trip down memory lane. Ironman was one of the main Quake server lists. Click on "Full Listings" and see if you don't recognise some of those servers.

· ][ronMan's Ultimate Quake Server Database (circa Nov, 1999) [details]

Last archive of Ironman's Quake list. This list is much smaller than the June, 1997 list but Rum's server at is still on there.


· QuakeCon [details]

QuakeCon began in 1996 as a LAN party dedicated to fans of id Software's games, and has grown to include QUAKE, QUAKE II, QUAKE III Arena, QUAKE III: Team Arena and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was created by gamers as a way to meet with online friends in person, get to know the developers of the games they crave, talk shop with industry leaders and compete against the best players in the world.


· All-Star CTF [details]

All-Star CTF is a huge compilation of the best levels and mods for Capture the Flag.

· Clan Arena+ [details]

Improved version of Clan Arena modified by Rapture

· Clanring CRMod [details]

THE competition mod for Quake 1. Period.

· CTFBOT+ [details]

Enhanced version of the old CTF bot mod. Has a configuration gui as well. This is a cool mod that lets you play CTF with bots.

· FreeQuake [details] project to sharewarize some of the mods available for Quake.

· IHOC Quake [details]

Wacky Quake 1 mod by Yugo2Heck.

· Rocket Arena [details]

Way cool 1v1 mod for Quake 1, Quake II and Quake III. Clan Arena for Quake 1 can also be found here...

· Rune Quake [details]

Mod with a still active player base. Alternate weapons, hook, team mode. Check it out.

· Threewave Software [details]

The current Threewave site. You can still get your Quake 1 Threewave CTF files here as well as Quake II and Quake III. Kick ass.

· ThunderWalker CTF [details]

Old school Quake site. Wacky modification of the Threewave CTF mod for Quake 1. The site is frozen in time, February 20, 2002.


· Absolute Gamer's Files Archive [details]

Sister site to Site is updated and current files added. Apparently you can download without having to wait in line like on

· Clan Arena server files [details]

Server files for Clan Arena

· ClanArenaX maps and sounds [details]

Maps for the enhanced version of the old Clan Arena mod. The new maps have been hard coded into the mod so you will need them in order to play.

· ClanRing CTF Mod v2.0c [details]

Mephistopheles' CRMod modified for CTF by Pulse

· ClanRing CTF Server v2.8k [details]

This mod is based off the original Clanring Mod done by Crowbar. The original Clanring Mod included code from other sources, including the observer code from ServerModules by Johannes Plass.

· Ctfgold Pak [details]

CTF Maps by Norman, Prax and other Clan 420 dudes.

· FAQ Proxy for Linux [details]

FAQ Proxy is a Quake 1 proxy primarily used to make demos or provide a viewing proxy for matches.

· FAQ Proxy for Windows [details]

FAQ Proxy is a Quake 1 proxy primarily used to make demos or provide a viewing proxy for matches.

· Gibstats [details]

GibStats is a Quake 3 Arena, Quake I and Quake II Log Analyzer

· GLQuake v0.97 [details]

GLQuake v0.97. Latest version of id's GL Quake. You should be running ProQuake for your Quake client but if you want the GL version, it needs GLQuake to be installed.

· LOC (League of Capture) maps [details]

Additional set of maps put together by LOC which were widely accepted as part of the standard CTF configuration for competition. In other words, you want to install these.

· Panic's remake of Necropolis [details]

Panic's remake of Necropolis

· PrBoom [details]

Much improved Windows version of the original Doom

· ProQuake [details]

ProQuake is THE Quake client and server to use for net Quake 1.

· ProQuake downloads at [details]

Alternate download site for ProQuake

· Qsmack Downloads [details]

Qsmack admin bot. Binaries for Windows, Linux, Solaris and IRIX. The source code is here too, released in April, 2000.

· QStat - Real-time Game Server Status [details]

QStat is a command-line program that gathers real-time statistics from Internet game servers. Most supported games are of the first person shooter variety (Quake, Half-Life, etc)

· Quake Retexturing Project [details]

The goal of this project is to thoroughly recreate each Quake texture from scratch for use in new clients. In addition to the textures, there will also be gloss, bump, and lumamaps as well.

· Quake Shareware [details]

Quake shareware. Yeah baby!

· Quake Test [details]

February 1996... Our first look at the ground breaking game Quake. Anybody remember playing Quake test?

· Quake upgrade from 1.01 to 1.06 [details]

Quake 1.01 to 1.06 upgrade. This does something to your pak files too so if you gots 1.01, you should run this before

· Quake upgrade from 1.06 to 1.08 [details]

This just replaces your Quake executable. You should run the 1.06 upgrade first.

· Quake Utilities [details]

Quake Utilities including qbsp and qcc.

· QuakeC Reference Manual [details]

Mammoth compilation of technical information on the QuakeC language

· QuakeStuff [details]

Get PakExplorer & QStart here. PakExplorer is a handy utility for getting inside your Quake .pak files.

· QuakeWorld Client and Servers [details]

QuakeWorld version 2.30 clients and servers for Windows and Linux. Also servers for bsdi and Solaris.

· QuakeWorld v2.33 beta [details]

Windows QuakeWorld client and server version 2.33 beta.

· Rocket Arena client maps [details]

Client maps for Rocket Arena. You need these to play.

· Rocket Arena server files [details]

Server file for Rocket Arena. You need this and the client maps if you're setting up a server.

· ThreeWave CTF maps [details]

ThreeWave's first and second CTF level paks in one package

· ThreeWave CTF Server version 4.21 [details]

This is the complete package, final update, of the Threewave CTF server files.

· WinQuake [details]

Windows Quake. If you want to play Quake, you need this. You should be using ProQuake for your client but ProQuake requires that you have WinQuake installed.

· Zoid's Quake Dedicated Server [details]

Zoid's old unixded Quake dedicated servers for Linux, Solaris and bsdi. For Windows and Linux, ProQuake is a much better server.