Admission | Council | Tournament Format | Rules 

I. Admission 

  1. This is a private tournament and admission is by invitation only. Interested clans should send a letter of interest and the council will evaluate your application for admission. Tournament organizer has veto power on admission of all new clans.
  2. Clan leaders will read and agree to all rules and penalties for violations.
  3. Working email and ICQ UIN must be provided for the leaders of each clan. Clan leaders are expected to check their messages daily and during the hours prior to scheduled matches.
  4. Participating clans will be given priority for admission to future tournaments. Slots will be filled by applicants on the waiting list in the order in which they applied.
II. Council 
  1. The council will be composed of one member from each clan. That member will have one vote on tournament business and should be the clan leader. The tournament organizer will have two votes and is head of the council.
  2. Officials are the representatives from each clan that comprise the council. Additional officials for monitoring matches may be added from participating clans if interested individuals apply and are approved.
    1. Every match must have an official present. Officials cannot officiate matches involving their own clans.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. To record a demo for the match.
      2. To do a "status" in the console at the beginning of the demo in order to record the ips of all players. A "status" should be done each time somebody joins the server. This includes players who have been disconnected and returned.
      3. The demo maker should also type "ping" at least ten times during the match and "efficiency" and "playerstats" as soon as the map ends.
      4. To settle disputes between the two clans playing if they cannot settle it themselves.
      5. To decide on the tiebreaker map if the two clans have not been able to agree on one by match start time.
      6. To check for ping masking by pausing the server before match start. All players should show a zero ping when the server is paused. Any player showing a non-zero ping is masking their ping. Official should get a screen shot and eject the player from the match.
      7. To settle disputes about high pings on the match server and call for a move to another server if the official feels that one or both sides are lagged.
      8. To fill out the "Official’s Match Form" which is located under the "Matches" link on the Lagapalooza home page.
    3. Officials are requested to enforce the rules and make sure that each clan’s rights are protected without taking a heavy-handed approach.
III. Tournament Format 
  1. Regular Season
    1. Two divisions of 8 clans each, one HPB and one LPB.
    2. Each clan plays every other clan in it’s division once
    3. One match per week per published schedule
    4. Seven weeks
  2. Playoffs
    1. Three clans with the best record from each division go to their respective playoffs
    2. 2nd and 3rd place clans play each other and winner plays 1st place clan.
  3. Point System
    1. Each clan will receive one point for each match played and an additional two points for each match won.
    2. Examples:
      • Play 7 matches, win 7 matches. 7 + 14 = 21 points
      • Play 7 matches, win 6 matches. 7 + 12 = 19 points
      • Play 6 matches, win 6 matches. 6 + 12 = 18 points
    3. If a clan forfeits, they receive zero points. The opposing clan receives a total of three points. That’s one point for being willing to play and two points for the win.
  4. Tie Breaker Maps
    1. CTF4, Forgotten Mines
    2. CTF5, Da Ancient Wargrounds
    3. CTF2M1, McKinley Station
  5. The tie breaker map may not be one of the maps already played in the first two rounds.
IV. Rules 
  1. Match Set Up
    1. Default number of players is 4 on each side. The number of players can be increased or decreased with agreement from both sides. Two is the minimum number of players per side.
    2. HPB division matches are all hpb by default. Lpbs can be used with agreement from both sides.
    3. Best 2 out of 3 wins.
    4. All matches must be played on a Clan Ring server.
    5. All matches are DM1 (weapons disappear when picked up and later respawn) unless otherwise agreed to by both clans.
    6. All matches are 20-minute time limit, no frag limit unless otherwise agreed to by both clans.
    7. Quad, Runes and Pent are on by default. Any or all of these can be turned off only with agreement from both sides.
    8. Each clan picks one map and the opposing clan picks the color. Both clans must agree on one of the official tie breaker maps. If a tie breaker map cannot be agreed on, then the official will choose the map at match time. The tie breaker map cannot be one of maps chosen for the first two rounds.
    9. The only maps a clan is required to play are CTF1 – CTF8 and CTF2M1 – CTF2M8. Id maps are discouraged but allowed if both clans agree. LOC (CTF3) maps are encouraged but not required.
  2. Match Play
    1. A player is considered an lpb if their ping goes under 150 more than six pings out of ten. Type of connection does not matter as long as the player is pinging over 150 as described. Network degraders and other forms of ping manipulation are not allowed.
    2. An official must be present during EVERY match.
    3. A demo must be made of EVERY match. This is the official’s job by default but can be done by anybody else with agreement from both sides. Time should be spent on each individual player as well as the critical moments of the match.
    4. Only the official and members of the two clans are allowed on the server during the match. If number of observers from each clan cannot be agreed on, then the default number will be one observer from each clan.
    5. Should a clan not be able to get all of their players on the server within 15 minutes after the official match start time, they either play short or forfeit. Should any of that clan’s missing players arrive during the match, they may immediately join in.
    6. All maps must be played out in their entirety until one side wins. Any clan that refuses to complete a map or leaves the server before the match is over, forfeits the match. Clans receive no points for forfeited matches.
    7. Pauses are allowed once per clan, per map and will last for no more than three minutes. If a clan suspects that one of their players has been disconnected, they may call for a pause and the official will pause the game. That clan’s pause is then taken whether or not the player was actually disconnected. The official may comment that a player appears to be disconnected but may not pause the game unless requested to do so by one of the clans. The official will count down from 5 before unpausing the game.
  3. Scheduling
    1. All matches must be registered with the tournament 24 hours prior to match time. Registration is accomplished by filling out the scheduling form on the tournament page.
    2. All match details must be submitted for the match to be considered registered. This includes number of players, primary server, maps to be played and date/time.
    3. If a clan fails to show up for an officially scheduled match, that clan takes a forfeit.
    4. If a clan needs to reschedule, the opposing clan and the tournament organizer must be notified prior to the official match start time. All clans are required and expected to check their email and ICQ messages frequently in the hours prior to the official start time. Failure of a clan to check email and ICQ in the hours prior to match start time will not be held against the opposing clan should they need to reschedule and have notified their opponents. Email is the official method of notification. ICQ can be used to send a "check your email" reminder. A match may be rescheduled up to two times maximum and must be played within two weeks of the original date. The rescheduled match must be registered with the tournament as soon as a date and time are agreed upon.
    5. An attempt at scheduling must be made for each match before the end of the week. Matches that fall more than two weeks behind schedule will result in a forfeit for one or both clans. All matches must be completed by the end of the regular season of the tournament. Any match not played by the end of the season will result in neither clan taking a win or loss. No points will be given. If one clan contends that the other was uncooperative or refused to schedule then , at the discretion of the council, the uncooperative clan will be given a forfeit and the other will be given two points for the forfeited win.
  4. Clan Rosters
    1. Starting rosters for all clans participating must be submitted to the council 24 hours prior to the official start of the tournament.
    2. Each player’s Quake name, email address and ICQ UIN must be submitted. In cases where the player uses an email other than their ISP email (hotmail for example) the domain name of their ISP must be provided, for example,,, etc. If any of this information is lacking for any player, then that player is not allowed to play in Lagapalooza matches. Doing so will result in a forfeit for the offending clan.
    3. Players must play under the name submitted on their clan roster for all Lagapalooza matches. Any match played by a clan using a player who’s name does not match up to a name on the clan roster will result in a forfeit for that clan.
    4. Player additions to a clan’s roster are allowed under the following conditions.
      1. The new player appears on the clan’s web page under their member listing.
      2. Some form of documentation that the person has been accepted as a permanent member must be provided to the council. This would include screen shots from matches they have participated in, tryout demos, etc.
      3. There will be a one week waiting period after the council has been notified of the roster addition before the new person can play in tournament matches.
    5. No ringers. Other players may not play under the name of a person on a clan’s roster whether they are another member of the clan or an outsider. If the ip of a player does not resolve to the domain name submitted for them on their clan roster, then it will be assumed they are a ringer and that clan given a forfeit for the match.
    6. Players may not play for more than one clan in the tournament.
  5. Conduct
    1. All clan members are expected to show respect and refrain from making rude or insulting remarks.
    2. Rude or slanderous remarks concerning clans participating in the tournament is not allowed.
    3. Cheating is obviously not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, masking ping and altering server files to give yourself an advantage.
  6. Servers
    1. Any clan ring server meeting the tournament requirements and agreed to by both clans is allowed for match play. A list of known servers will be provided on the Lagapalooza home page.
    2. A clan ring server configured to tournament standards will be provided for any Lagapalooza match at by reservation at least 24 hours in advance. This server will be up and running two hours before match time and the admin codes will be provided to the official for the match. Clans are strongly encouraged to use this server rather than a public server. Matches on public servers seldom complete without major problems caused by misbehaving observers or hostile admins.
  7. Replacement Clans
    1. Clans that enter the tournament late to replace clans that have dropped out will inherit the schedule of the clan they are replacing. It is required that the replacement clan play out all unplayed matches starting with the one scheduled for the week prior to them entering the tournament. The replacement clan will be given one point for each match their predecessors played or were supposed to play prior to the replacement clan joining the tournament. This only applies to matches that are not required to be played out by the replacement clan.
    2. Not counting the remaining matches that they are obligated to play, the replacement clan may challenge any clan that their predecessors played or were supposed to play and will receive one point for being willing to play if the other clan declines. If the other clan accepts the challenge, then the normal point system will apply. If the match was already played by the replacement clan’s predecessor, the points from the new match will replace the points from the first match.
    3. If a clan drops out that your clan was supposed to play, your clan receives a total of two points for the match. You do not receive three points in order to encourage clans to play out any unplayed games with the replacement clan. In order to receive the maximum of three points, your clan must accept the challenge of the replacement clan and win the match. Any points earned from actually playing the replacement clan’s predecessor you are allowed to keep unless you agree to replay the match with the replacement clan in which case the points from the new match will apply.
    4. Example - Clan A’s schedule is as follows:

    5. Week 1 - Clan B
      Week 2 - Clan C
      Week 3 - Clan D
      Week 4 - Clan E
      Week 5 - Clan F
      Week 6 - Bye
      Week 7 - Clan G
      Week 8 - Clan H
      Clan A plays week 1 and 2 but falls behind and then drops out. Clan X replaces them in week 5. Clan X is required to play out week 4 through 8. Clan X receives three points for week 1 through 3. Clan D receives 2 points for the game that was never played and is not required. Clan B and C keep whatever points were earned when they played Clan A. Clan X challenges Clans B, C and D. B and C decline and keep their points from the original matches. Clan X receives one point for each declined challenge. Clan D accepts the challenge but looses so they receive 1 point for this game rather than 2. Clan X receives 3 points for the victory rather than the 1 point they were initially given for this game. This gives Clan X a total of seven points for the first three weeks. The points they receive for games 4 through 8 will depend on the outcome of the matches, which they are required to play.