Lagapalooza 98

  Lagapalooza 98 is a small net Quake, CTF tournament hosted by Clan Rum. It is very similar in scope to the WWI tournament hosted by Crimson Tide earlier this year. We wanted to start a small tournament in order to help us and the participating clans augment our schedule of matches and do it in an environment free of the hassles associated with the larger tournaments. It is a private tournament and participation is by invitation only. We are inviting only clans we are familiar with and who we feel are respectable and well behaved. Problem clans are not welcome... We want to have a fun tournament where even the little guys can have a good time therefore it is geared toward the average clan and not the heavy weights.

Lagapalooza 98 will be divided into two divisions, HPB and LPB, of approximately eight clans each. Each clan will play 1 match per week and will be ranked by a point system which is outlined on the rules page. The top three clans from each division will go to the playoffs for the championship of their respective division. The playoff is single elimination and is also outlined on the rules page.