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DBD Match

Wednesday September 29th 1999 03:33:00 PM | Crash

I'm a little late with this news. We had our first match in the new season of Bannockburn with clan Death on September 9. From the instant the match started it was obvious that we were being flooded. Each one of our players would lag out. Then that player would clear up and another one would lag out. We'd put in a substitute and then the substitute would lag out. Once we put a substitute in for the substitute and he lagged out. We played the first map on erols but then moved to the Rum server because of the lag problems. It was exactly the same there. We couldn't play and lost the match in two maps. I got home that night right after the match was over so I wasn't present during the game. I immediately watched the demos however and it was obvious we were being flooded. The question was by who? No way would DBD flood us, there was no doubt in my mind about that. I never suspected them for a second... Then I found out that a new DBD member, Awaits, who was observing during the match was in fact a guy that goes by the nic "Problem". Problem had threatened to do just such a thing a month prior. Problem was our flooder. He initially denied it but there was no doubt it was him so Wallace immediately booted him. After he had been kicked out and had nothing to lose, he not only admitted it but in his arrogance even bragged about it.

Problem will be dealt with, I'll see to that. Be advised that we will refuse to play any clan that he is a member of and we will refuse to participate in any tournament if he is a player for any of the participating clans. In fact we will frown upon any person or organization that he is associated with. Playing under a different name will not help - we will find out, we always find out...

Lastly, I just want to say that Wallace and DBD had no knowledge that Problem was flooding us. As soon as Wallace found out, he booted Problem and gave us a win for the match. He could not have handled the situation any more professionally and he should be commended for doing the right thing and doing it so rapidly. I have the upmost respect for Wallace because of the way he handled the situation. I also think DBD is much more of a victim in this situation than Rum is.

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