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From the mind of Freak

Sunday September 27th 1998 11:20:00 AM | Crash
More "You know you play Quake too much if..."

1. You have ever made a clay model of a rocket launcher in art class.
2. When driving, you see a car Crash and you mind immediately turns to Quake.
3. You would rather play Quake than get money for doing nothing.
4. As if the original nicknames arent enough, we give nicknames to our nicknames. (Peppy, Freakster... aren't we special)
5. You are a more active member of the Quake comunity than of the community where you live.
6. You often catch yourself humming the backround songs from Quake.
7. Your favorite pickup line is "You should've seen the frag I had last night."
8. Your second favorite pickup line is "Wanna come to my place and fire my rl?"
9. You have ever bought a conversion van with a computer and painted "QUAKEMOBILE" on the side.
10. You would rather buy an ISDN line than a car.
11. You are reading this list and you say to yourself, "Man! I must play Quake WAY too much."
12. You have ever spent over an hour making an animation only to use it once and trash it.
13. You have gone to our practice server and spent an hour guessing admin codes and getting kicked off simply becuase there was nothing better to be doing.
14. You can type words like "ping", "efficiency", and "playerstats" in a split second, but it takes you an hour and a half to write a paragraph in wordperfect.
15. You have over ten Quake pages bookmarked.
16. A boss or teacher yells at you, and all you can think of is blowing their head off with a rl.
17. You have ever taken a sceenshot of yourself winning a match, printed it out, and hung it over your fireplace.
18. You plan on telling your grandchildren stories of great match wins.
19. You know your Quake name in over three languages.
20. You argue with your friends about whether quad and rl or quad plus lg is better.