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From the mind of Freak

Saturday September 12th 1998 11:01:00 AM | Crash
You know you play Quake too much if...

1. You have spent $500 or more with the sole purpose of speeding up your Quake gameplay.
2. You got a cable modem or ISDN line just to become an lpb.
3. You know how long it takes each item to respawn.
4. You play Quake for longer than you sleep.
5. You brag to your fiends that your mouse sensitivity is higher than theirs.
6. You challenge people to 1 on 1's instead of arguing with them.
7. You have ever had an orgasm after a particulary good frag.
8. You have ever played Quake when so drunk you could hardly make it through doorways.
9. You like Pibb or Soji more than anyone you know in real life.
10. You have ever dressed as a Quake character for Halloween.
11. You know every inch of the CTF levels, but you get lost in your own house.
12. You blame being late for work or school on lag.
13. You strafe around corners in real life.
14. You have ever shaved the "Q" symbol into your hair, pubic hair included.
15. You have lost a job because of your Quake addiction.
16. Your friends call you by your Quake name when they see you in person.
17. You have ever slept with anyone you met through Quake.
18. When you see a backpack lying around, you rummage through it looking for a rl, gl, or various ammo.