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Saturday August 29th 1998 10:58:00 AM | Crash
Rum welcomes back to the group Lagomatic and Tupac. Including Copo, that makes three former Rums that have returned to the clan. Not surprising as it's been my experience that most people that leave Rum begin to miss all the things that make Rum special and quickly want to return. What's unusual in this case, however, is that we normally don't allow former members back into the clan. The reason for this is because we don't want a revolving door where people leave when the going is rough and then want to return when things are rosey. These three are an exception because of their long (and problem free) history with Rum. Lago has been a member almost since the beginning - since August 1, 1997. His leaving was a mistake as was Copo's and Tupac. We are very happy to have these three important members back with us. Welcome back guys!