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House Cleaning

Sunday July 12th 1998 10:50:00 AM | Crash
We've done some house cleaning on our swelling roster. We've removed completely quite a few people from the inactive list. These are people who we haven't heard from for some time and we assume we never will. Yrufat has been moved to the inactive list since he lost his ethernet connection although word has it he may be getting another one soon. We've created a "retired" category on the roster for people who no longer play Quake1, yet have made major contributions to Rum in the past - namely Dark and Papa. Lastly, due to my inability to say no to people who want in badly enough, our roster had swollen to an unmanageable size again. Along with a large roster comes the inevitable bickering and complaining. Luckily, our problem children have all recently bailed out on their own or been cut. All were new members of course. Are there any good Quake players out there who aren't mentally disturbed? Sigh... Anyway, being free of our malcontents has restored some harmony to Rum-land.