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Imperial Guard Still Loves Rum

Tuesday June 16th 1998 10:34:00 AM | Crash
Joke clan Imperial Guard is still talking about Rum on their web site, three weeks after the aborted Rum vs IG match. Can you say "obsessive compulsive behavior"? All I can say is we must have left a lasting impression on them. We are all over their site, even on the first page that comes up. Their favorite term for us throughout their site is "pussies". This is some hilarious reading. If you haven't seen their page, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Words just cannot adequately describe it.

Somebody sent me a link to their news page where they have a Rum link pointing to a section of their hate mail page that features an email described as "Written by who is assumed to be Crash". Guys.... Don't flatter yourselves. I have you filed under "trouble" meaning I stay as far away from you as possible, don't communicate with you and ignore any communication I may get from you. Apparently after you changed the theme of your site to make Rum the primary feature, you sat back and waited for those emails from us to come pouring in so your hate mail page would be complete. When the email never came, you had to scavenge something from your anonymous mailbag and attribute it to me. Let me just tell you that if I did have something to say to you, which I don't, I would most certainly sign my name to it. I know it doesn't exactly fit the "hate email" concept of your page, but if you want a legitimate quote from me you're going to have to pull it off this news page - cuz that's all there is...