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IG Match

Thursday May 28th 1998 10:01:00 AM | Crash

Well, I knew it was too good to last. We've been lucky for the last couple months and have had only good experiences with the clans we've matched - until tonight. The match we had scheduled with Imperial Guard turned into the same kind of nightmarish experience we had with BB back in March. When we arrived at the match server we were surprised to see that IG's pings were a third of what our's were. They were averaging an incredible 25-50. Rather than just leaving because they tried to pull a fast one on us, we suggested doing a scrim instead and IG agreed. The put downs from IG started immediately after we first voiced an objection to their pings and continued even after the scrim was in progress, turning into outright insults. Not having the stomach to listen to Emperor insult us for the duration of two or three maps, I pulled the guys out and we left the server. I waited a couple hours and then went to IG's page to view the inevitable write-up that always comes after one of these incidents. Wow, somehow they managed to pull two match wins against Rum for themselves out of an aborted scrim. What the hey, if getting a match win is as easy as pulling it out of your ass and slapping it on your page I guess we'll take one too against them for assholism and wasting our time.

By they way, if anybody is interested in seeing what kind of people these guys are, just have a look at IG's news page. I don't think I need to even comment on it, it speaks for itself.

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