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Dark goes Q2

Saturday May 16th 1998 09:38:00 AM | Crash
This news is a few days late arriving on the news page. Long time Rum member Dark decides to go Quake2 exclusively. Dark has been suffering from a bad ping in net Quake for some time now. He's made the decision to go Q2 exclusively since his ping is much better there and he enjoys Q2. Rum is a net Quake, CTF only clan. We will not likely start a Q2 league any time in the near future. Our policy is you may have no other clan affiliations while a member of Rum. In Dark's case, however, we have given him our blessing to join a Q2 clan while remaining on the Rum roster. He will go on the inactive list but retain all his Rum privileges. Dark has been with Rum for a long time and he has contributed more to the clan than just about any other member. He's helped us win many matches and his loyalty and dedication to Rum means a great deal to us. He is very special to us and will always remain a close friend.