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Silent Riot Match

Sunday April 19th 1998 09:21:00 AM | Crash
Rum looses against SR tonight 2 to 1. SR played a great game and their behavior was perfect. Wow, two trouble free matches in a row... How nice. There was a mix-up although it was no fault of SR's. This was supposed to be an hpb match - we don't mix hpb's and lpb's in matches exactly to prevent what happened tonight. One of our guys forgot to reconnect with his modem so SR put in Esteem as an lpb. All this kind of slipped by me until after the match started - I thought our guy as well as Esteem were both on modems. Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case. Esteen is a damn good player. Esteem as an lpb is pretty much unstoppable. On Warzone, a large map, we won by a substantial margin but on McKinnley Base and Spill the Blood, two small maps, I watched him wipe out almost our entire team over and over again. On small maps like that, modem guys just cannot compete against an lpb as good as Esteem - they just cannot stay out of his way. We didn't use Blessed in this match to counter Esteem. Even if we had, Blessed would have had to play as an lpb to balance things. But then it would have basically been a battle between Blessed and Esteem. Word to the wise... Do not mix lpbs and hpbs in matches. And I guess I'm going to have to make myself a check list for matches so I don't let something like this slip by me again. Because of my mistake, I basically handed SR their win on a silver platter. Anyway, despite the mix-up, they did play well and gave us no trouble - good game SR.
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