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Tusa Match

Sunday April 12th 1998 09:17:00 AM | Crash
Rum wins against Tusa in our first lpb match. This was a really fun match and very exciting. Outlaw[Tusa] had an interesting idea for the maps. He wanted to play Elder God Shrine twice with each clan switching colors the second time around. We seldom play id maps in matches anymore but agreed because Elder has always been one of our favorite maps and the idea sounded fun. We started out on our map choice, however, and won it by a nice margin. The second map was Elder with Rum being blue. We won the map by a single point. A very close and exciting game. We had agreed to play out all three maps so even though we won the match by the second map, we switched team colors and played Elder a second time as the red team. As amazing as it is that we won Elder the first time by one point, it happened again the second time only Tusa won it that time by a single point. We were behind but almost pulled ahead when the clock ran out. We were two caps behind and during the last 60 seconds of the map made two caps. Almost but not quite... Anyway, this was a really nice game. Lots of fun and very exciting. The match was 100 percent problem free and all the Tusa guys were great sports. Thanks a lot Tusa for a very nice game. It was fantastic to get to play with such great guys after the nightmarish experience we had with the last clan we were supposed to match.

This was Yrufat and Tupac's first match for Rum and they both did great. Yrufat, particularly, did an excellent job. I had given him a very specific job on each map and he held his position perfectly each time and carried out his job with deadly precision. He was the top scorer on two out of the three maps. Very nice job Yrufat, very nice :)
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