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Dead Clan Page Links

Monday February 2nd 2004 03:35:00 PM | Crash
Still entering data into the new site which should be ready to put online soon. As I'm entering clan data I'm noticing a lot of dead links to the pages of some of the old clans, which is sad. A much mellower Imperial Guard had a page up for their current gaming endevors until recently. Looks like their domain,, expired on Jan 7, 2004. Their page was up just a few weeks ago but is now gone. Extreme Domination's page seems to be dead also but their domain is still registered. But a lot are still hanging in there. Tusa's page is still up, Goddamn Independents, Clan 420, and Stormtroopers of Death. DNA's page reroutes you to the configuration screen for phpWebsite lol... And has for a while. I guess they are inviting the first taker to come and take over their site. Domain is good until Jan 2005 so somebody should go for it! To explore old clan links, for now scan the Rum matches page. Links to individual clans are on the respective match page. Later there will probably be a clan listing of some type, including defunct clans.