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Rodeo of Carnage Match

Saturday March 21st 1998 08:58:00 AM | Crash
Nice 2 to 0 victory for Rum tonight against Rodeo of Carnage. This was Arius's first time playing in a match for Rum and he did a great job. I also got my wish and Hard played with ROC for this match... He got his much deserved spanking. I should also mention that other than Hard, the ROC guys are pretty cool. Good game ROC.

One other thing that I should probably mention. I was out of town at the time and connected to the server from my parent's house on a pretty sub-standard machine. I was lagged and this version of Quake was throwing up so many error messages that I could barely see the normal messages coming across the screen. Anyway, I went to initiate the kick sequence to eject an observer that wouldn't leave. Right as he saw me go admin, he left so I never finished the kick. Apparently the clan ring mod sat there patiently waiting for me to give it a player number to kick and towards the end of the second map, something I typed must have been an acceptable response and the next thing I see is "Hard has been kicked by Crash" rolling across the screen. I paused the game but Hard never came back, apparently thinking he was banned. On their news page, ROC says this happened in the middle of the map but in fact it happened 18 minutes into the game with only two minutes left. The map was Warzone, and another ROC jumped in for Hard. Blessed offered to give ROC 100 points to make up for the missing Hard, who had 42 points when he exited. Unfortunate situation and I apologize to ROC for my goof up.
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