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Rodeo of Carnage Scrim

Saturday March 14th 1998 08:45:00 AM | Crash
Rum scrimmed Rodeo of Carnage tonight. We don't usually say much about scrims but this one is worth commenting on because of ROC's behavior. Wally seems to be a pretty nice guy but he seemed surprised when I reminded him of our scrim which we set up a week prior. We waited patiently and politely for about 45 minutes for them to round up all their people. Hard even took a shower... They never did get a 4th so we finally decided to play 3 on 3. About that time Hard decided he wanted to start right away and went postal on us not allowing us to even discuss how we were going to play our now 3-person team. Right as we were about to start the second map Hard says "i dun wanna play" and left the game leaving ROC with two players. So, we played the next two maps 2 on 2. After that disasterous scrim, ROC asked for a real match which is scheduled for Saturday March 21. Very poor sportsmanship on Hard's part. I just hope he plays in the Saturday match so he will get the spanking he so richly deserves...