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Alcoholics Anonymous Match

Sunday March 1st 1998 04:33:00 PM | Crash
2 to 0 loss against AA on this day. I am coming back and revising my comments on this match. I was not very happy at the time I wrote my original comments. We had a stroke of very bad luck - Blessed, Dark and myself were so horribly lagged that it felt like we were moving through mud. Lago was fine as well as all of AA. Unfortunately, with that kind of handicap, it was not possible to win against a clan as good as AA. To borrow a quote from Wolf, AA "could just file us under SMOG for Slow Moving Objects, Gibbed." I feel sure we would have won had we not been lagged. That is pretty evident from looking at the scores on the second map. There was only a 22 point difference in scores and Lago, the only Rum not lagged, was at the top. Since this was the first game of the WWI finals and it knocked us out of the playoffs I was very unhappy with the outcome. My previous comments were a little harsh towards AA. The lag was not AA's fault and I should not have been so harsh on them. They even agreed to match us again on the same maps and we are looking forward to the opportunity to play again under better conditions.

Map two scores

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