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Saturday February 28th 1998 04:25:00 PM | Crash
Today we've added the most members at one time than we ever have before. Four new members - Instinct, Norman, Prax and Zombia. Our roster may look huge but we don't mix hpbs and lpbs in matches. If you subtract out the lpbs, the inactives and the people that just aren't active enough to play in matches, we were down to about seven people that we could schedule for hpb matches. Instinct and Zombia are Hulk's recruits for our new lpb league. Norman and Prax are recruits for the hpb league. All but Zombia come from the dissolved Zero Tolerance. Wow, we were supposed to play ZT today - instead we just absorbed all their members. We were even looking at [ZT]Q but he made such an ass out of himself during his tryout that we told him to forget it... Welcome to Rum guys!