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Xtreme Supremacy Match

Sunday February 22nd 1998 04:22:00 PM | Crash
Rum lost to Xtreme Supremacy tonight. We thought we might be able to pull off a win against these heavy weights today but it turned out not to be so. X was only able to pull together three people for this match. Although by WWI rules we aren't required to play any less than four people, we have such high regards for X that we didn't want to force them to play us 4 on 3 so we dropped a person. We didn't expect to beat them on their best map, CTF1, but we were confident about the second and third maps. Unfortunately, we aren't as experienced as X and playing with three people, rather than our usual four person squad, was just enough to throw us off. We lost the second map by a mere 25 points making it a match win for X. Oh well, you win some, you loose some... Good game X!
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