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Alcoholics Anonymous Match

Saturday February 21st 1998 04:14:00 PM | Crash
Rum wins against Alcoholics Anonymous tonight. This is the first win for us that has ever gone to three maps. We got our asses whipped pretty good on the first map but gave AA an even worse beating on the second map. AA's score was -6. Yes, that is negative 6. Their score was almost 10 times our score on the first map and our's was 10 times their's on the last map

One thing very noteworthy about this match. It was a replay of AA vs Rum from last weekend. Last Saturday both sides had some problems so both clans agreed to replay the match tonight. The thing worth noting is this - last week on one of the maps, Blessed respawned in their base next to their flag at map start. AA immediately started complaining and we said we'd be glad to restart the map. Tonight, however, an AA guy respawned in the Rum base right next to our flag at map start. AA however, had no problem grabbing our flag and heading back to base with it even though I specifically asked them to restart the map. Apparently AA does not feel that they need to follow the same fair play ethics that they expect other clans to follow... And that's all I'm going to say on this subject :)
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