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Clan RuM CTF Night a Hit

Thursday August 28th 2003 07:20:00 AM | Jack
I had invited a good friend Oblique from XCast to the games last night. Immediately she wanted to take it a step further. She had it published on www. and the same day. She petitioned everyone she knew in IRC to join in, which for her is a lot of people. She setup a shoutcast and broadcasted our matches over the internet. She was even able to get the creator of 3wave, Zoid, to come have a pre-game interview with Crash[RuM]. People from all different games were able to come. People, that had removed Quake I from their computers 2 years ago, reinstalled it and joined in. We had a good turnout of RuM members, and many other people. The server started with about 10 people at 7:30pm EST. There was only one period, from about 8:45 to 9:05, where we had about 4 people on the server. But luckily, it picked right back up and the server was up to 16! At 11pm EST we still had 15 gibbin' players on the server. The games lasted until almost midnight. So last night was great. Thanks to all who came, and all who made it possible. Special thanks to a good friend, Oblique, for all that she was able to put together last night. Everyone ready for another one? =)