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Nobody's Children Match

Tuesday February 17th 1998 04:07:00 PM | Crash

Nice 2 - 0 win against Nobody's Children tonight. As good as NC is, we are very proud to have this win on our record. Besides being excellent players, they are a very honorable clan. They were on the server on time, and did not utter one negative word during the entire match. Good game NC and we would love to play you again in the future.

Also, we are very proud of Phobia tonight. Something bizarre happened at the beginning of the first map. Phobia respawned not in our base but in NC's base right beside their flag. Using good judgement, in a split second Phob made the right decision and didn't touch their flag. And he make a point of saying so, so that it would not appear that we had figured out some way of cheating by manipulating starting respawn spots. Phob, you make us proud buddy...

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