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Blood Brothers Match

Tuesday March 31st 1998 09:07:00 AM | Crash
Rum takes a win against Blood Brothers tonight. BB forfeited the match after managing to delay it for 40 minutes after the start time until players on both sides were unable to play due to the likely late ending time. We had agreed to play on but BB was unhappy with their pings there. We moved to an alternate server in another state, set up by Lago but they were unhappy with that server as well. While we were trying to correct a configuration issue with the server, BB players started leaving. I eventually found them on MIT but by that time it was already 40 minutes past start time. I was fearful that this would happen as I've played against Poizon before when he was playing for another clan (while still in BB). I've also officiated matches he was playing in with that clan and each time it turned into a lengthy server hop in an unsuccessful attempt to find one to his liking. I specifically told Poizon during our negociation of match details that I did not want "to get into this long process of trying to find another server" as two of our younger members would likely get pulled off the computer if the match were to be delayed. Since BB violated our agreement by delaying the match, they take a forfeit and it goes down as a Rum win. We spoke in ICQ after their forfeit and within minutes after we finished, Poizon had a pretty unflattering and inaccurate version of tonight's events on the BB web page. I give him an A in creative writing and the ability to take an unflattering situation for himself and put a spin on it such that he comes out looking like a hero. Doesn't change the facts though Poizon...
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