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RuM's First Sponsored Game Night

Friday July 11th 2003 10:31:00 PM | Jack
Well it was a pretty good night all in all. We had a decent turnout. Rocket arena for quake 1 isn't exactly all that popular anymore so when we got about a total of 12 people to show up it was pretty nice. The most we had on the server at one time was 7 people, which was plenty because a full server you'd hardly ever get to play! Ramled was there pretty much the whole night, Nuke HDZ came, Who made an appearance, we even had an Australian at the end of the night who did not like his 250 ping there hehe. It was a good night all in all. The idea for the next one is head hunters, if we can find the version that does not require client download. You guys know you remember that back in the day! Anyway email me if you see it or can send it to me. I'm also on ICQ at 7335275. GGS GUYS!