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xUx Match

Tuesday February 10th 1998 03:41:00 PM | Crash

Rum wasn't able to pull off a win against the mighty Unforgiven Gunmen. It was a close game though. Scores were 174 to 83 in xUx's favor on the first map, 290 to 79 in Rum's favor on the second map and 154 to 49 in xUx's favor on the third map. xUx is one of the best CTF clans out there. Even though we lost the match, we are glad that we had such a nice win on the second map and also that the scores on the first and third map were so close. These guys are very tough opponents and I must say they played an incredible game.

On a side note, our WWI official was kicked off the server several times by the admin for He was annoyed at [GI]Wonder for asking him to leave because there was a match in progress. Of course he neglected to mention that he was the admin of the server which tells me that he was just trying to bait Wonder so that he'd have an excuse to kick him. Luckily he didn't start kicking players... A big thanks to Wonder from Rum for being there for us and having to go though that kind of crap - we really appreciate it man.

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