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Brotherhood of Zebu Match

Saturday January 24th 1998 03:32:00 PM | Crash
Played Brotherhood of Zebu for WWI tournament. Zebu had some player problems and started out one man down. Trix showed up after a few minutes and jumped in to make it a four on four but then later had to leave again because of parental interference. By the end of the map they were down to two players. For the second map they started out one man down again and again by the end of the map were down to two players. Needless to say, it was a loss for Zebu but they did a good job on the second map considering they were playing short. Rum doesn't like to win this way but we've got a lot of matches scheduled in the coming weeks and some are behind schedule already. We didn't really want to add another re-scheduled match to the queue. My hat goes off to Zebu - even with all the player problems they were having, they didn't utter one word of complaint during the entire match. That has to be a first for one of our matches.
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