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Elder Gods of Hell 2nd Match

Thursday January 22nd 1998 03:29:00 PM | Crash
Played Elder Gods of Hell again today in an independent match. EGH has been admitted to the WWI tournament so next time we play them it will be for WWI. This match was all id maps. We played Orge Citadel first and Rum was blue. Rum beat EGH pretty severly on this map as blue base has a major advantage. The only RL is right at the entrance to blue base which is not good for the red team. This map was EGH's pick though so Rum picked the color. Next map was Elder God Shrine and again Rum picked blue although EGH wanted Red anyway. A few player problems on EGH's side on this map. One of their guys had to leave so one Rum guy dropped out. Then another EGH guy showed up and Assassin had him join before realizing Dark was gone. We decided to just play it out with a four on five rather than having another Rum join in. EGH did a lot better on this map. Rum started out with a good lead but EGH slowly started catching up toward the end while we were playing one down. Rum wound up winning the map by 60 points.

Assassin is a great guy but some of his people were a little mouthy in this match. Rum was their proponent for admission to WWI so I've asked Assassin for an IRC meeting with all his people to talk about the proper behavior during WWI matches.
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