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Clan Rum Site Re-designed

Friday June 20th 2003 01:07:00 PM | Crash

Wow, the last time this happened was in 1997. I bought a copy of O'Reilly's "HTTP: The Definitive Guide" and started making the site using notepad as my html editor (I still do). I just pulled that copy out and had a look at the copyright date. 1996. I think that book has gone through a few revisions since then. The site was functional but the design was a little amateurish.

Here it is 2003 and the site was in bad need of a make over. My html skills were about as out of date as they were in 1997. This time I did most of my reading on the web but I still couldn't resist the urge to buy a few more books. O'Reilly's "Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, 2nd Edition" and "Web Design in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition". Well, a few more too but I won't name them because I don't want to sound like a dweeb.

After all the research, my html/xhtml skills are a little more up to date. I don't know how much my design/layout skills have improved but I hope they are better than they were in 1997. This page has been coded as xhtml 1.0 strict. There are no tables or frames in the new site. There are no javascript menu effects or any javascript at all. All layout has been done with cascading style sheets. Graphics are minimal, maybe even minimalist. The whole idea here is that the coding of the site be current and standards compliant and above all, easy to update.

The new design will enable me to allow others to share in adding content. That's a good thing. It will also enable me to easily make changes to the layout. The focus of the site is going to change too. Let's face it, Q1 is no longer in it's hey day. But we have a lot of content from those days and that's a bit of Q1 CTF history. We have a wealth of match demo recordings we are going to be pulling out and posting. We've recorded every single one of our matches, most of our scrims, many of our member's try outs and all sorts of other things. We also have demos from leagues and tournaments we've participated in, not just of us but most of the prominent CTF clans of the time like xUx, DV8, Red Dragons, etc. In the past, we never made our demos public. Why? Simple reason, we didn't want opponents using them to study how we play :) And we didn't post other people's demos because we didn't feel comfortable doing so without permission. The only exceptions were the demos that were required to be posted for the tournaments we participated in. But we generally hosted the demos here on our site and password protected them for participants only. I think it's safe to post all these demos now but if we post anything that any participants object to please let us know and we'll remove it. We are also expanding the focus of the site to Q1 and gaming in general. So we hope you enjoy the new site bitches :)

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