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Server Attacks

Tuesday January 9th 2001 04:30:00 PM | Crash
In case anybody was wondering who has been attacking all the remaining Quake servers since before Christmas it was xzibit-hdz (Joe Hungus). The first attack that I know of was on December 14 on erols during our weekly scrim with SBD. Attacks continued every few hours on all the main Q1 servers until Friday January 5th when he automated his exploit to run every minute and allowed it to run until Saturday afternoon when some other people managed to find out where he was running it from and shut it down. Not sure what Hdz's position is on this... I know what it should be though. If Joe was in Rum he'd be booted out so fast that the g-force would probably kill him. Anybody with a computer can go to a security site and choose from a multitude of exploits that will do anything and everything up to crashing an entire server or client machine. Even a moron can figure out how to download and execute a program that somebody else wrote. It doesn't take any skill and it doesn't prove you have any special power over the rest of us. That "power" is available to anybody who knows how to download a file and is a big enough asshole to use it. So anyway, I just thought Joe should get the recognition he so desperately craves. You owned all us Q1 people Joe. Hail to the DOS god! Just a word to the wise (or not so wise). It's a two-way street dude - if you can do it, so can everybody else. It's easy to get an ip and it's easy to get an exploit to take out that ip. Payback is a bitch. You sure you want to go there? Well, I'm done ranting. Now I think I'll go out in the parking lot and find an unlocked car, pop the hood and pull out a spark plug cable. Put somebody's car out of commission just because I can. I can own somebody! I rule! Wow, if it's that easy to own somebody I wonder why everybody doesn't own everybody all the time? Nevermind, that question is hurting my brain... lol.