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Clan Death Before Dishonor

Saturday November 13th 1999 03:48:00 PM | Crash
On September 9, we matched clan DBD and were flooded during the entire match by one of their members. At the time I stupidly refused to believe that Wallace or any of the rest of DBD knew anything about it and took the position that their member Awaits was solely responsible. I considered Wallace a friend and just couldn't bring myself to believe that a friend would cheat against us in a match, despite evidence to the contrary. Namely the fact that the DBD members didn't seem to be remorseful or even embarassed by what happened - in fact they actually seemed hostile towards us. They refused to replay the match even after Awaits admitted that he flooded us and they posted the match as a DBD win on their web page and left it there for weeks until I finally had to get nasty with Wallace before he would remove it. There was also some conversation among the DBD players before we arrived on the server that I pulled out of the server logs that indicated that they all had prior knowledge. All this I ignored because I considered Wallace a friend and didn't want to damage their reputation. I even said in our news section that DBD were victims just as we were Well, I was just plain stupid to take that position. People talk, you just can't keep things like this secret. Since the match I have had not one, but multiple people with direct knowledge tell me personally that Wallace and several of DBD's core members planned this in advance. I've been sitting on this information, just waiting and listening and learning more. Now we've got matches coming up with DBD for Lagapalooza and I am hearing new things that disturb me that I won't go into here. So we are now faced with matching a clan that has cheated against us in the past and by all indications intends to do so again. For that reason we are withdrawing from the DBD sponsored league, Bannockburn and we are ejecting DBD from our league, Lagapalooza. Further more, we refuse to play DBD now or in the future or any other clan that their core members are involved with. I would suggest that other clans do the same unless you don't mind playing against a clan that cheats.
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