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PyroStorm Match

Saturday January 10th 1998 03:20:00 PM | Crash
After our match with SOD, we took a little break and then headed back to the battle field for our IQC league match with PyroStorm First map was CTF4 and PyroStorm managed to score a win on this one by capping at the beginning. After that it was a stale mate as neither side could penetrate the other's base. We watched the clock tick as both sides tried to cap unsuccessfully. Second map was the WarZone and we beat them by a large margin. Tie breaker was McKinnley Base and PyroStorm managed to beat us on this one by a small margin making it a match win for them. They did an excellent job of controlling the middle area and grabbing the quad. PyroStorm played an honorable match - all of their members conducted themselves well. They did, however, try to represent themselves as being a new and unorganized clan prior to the match even though they have been together since May and have played some good clans including Gunn. Good thing we didn't decide to use some of our less experienced members against them based on what they said, else it would have been a massacre.
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