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Server Move

Tuesday May 25th 1999 03:09:00 PM | Crash
For those of you who used to play on the Rum servers, I'm sure you've noticed the increase in packet loss and lag over the last few months., our main public server, used to be practically full during peak hours but now that server as well as the clan ring and arena servers are always empty. They have just been too laggy to play on. I have been trying to work with our isp to resolve the problem but I have finally given up and decided to change to another isp.

The servers were moved on Friday for testing and the test came out great. The connection is almost perfect, with little if any packet loss. If you used to play on the Rum servers and stopped because of the lag, give them another shot, I think you will like it. Not only that but we now have two machines with one very powerful one dedicated to the quake servers. No more CPU lag when the servers are full. This new machine can handle five full Quake servers before it starts to reach maximum CPU usage. This also means that we won't be taking the public servers down anymore when Rum practices at 8pm.

I'm hoping that there will be no interruption in DNS during the change over but if there is, it should only be for a few days. In any case you can ALWAYS access the servers by IP address. The hostnames and IP's are listed on the servers page, just click on the link button to your left. Give them another try, I think you'll like the new connection.