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Gunslingers Match

Sunday May 9th 1999 03:02:00 PM | Crash
Rum loses 2 to 1 against Gun tonight. All three maps were very close. We were ahead on the tie breaker at the end but Gun capped in the last 15 seconds of the map and that put them ahead for the win. To appease Gun, we had to sub in an hpb for one of our players after the first map because he was pinging lower than anyone else, even though this was an lpb match. We just complied rather than risk a confrontation but we weren't so lucky on the third map. I made the mistake of letting one detail go undecided in match negociations, team colors for the tie breaker, and sure enough that turned into a problem. We both wanted the same base so I suggested we flip for it. I offered to let Fixy do the flip but for some reason he refused so we had a stalemate for about 15 minutes until I could get an official to the server. We got that issue resolved and I thought we were set to go but then Gun decided that they weren't going to play until we made one of our two observers leave, despite the fact that they had been on the server for the first two maps. The official declared that I not be counted as a Rum observer since I was running the QTV and demoing but Gun disregarded that and refused to start until we sent our backup off the server. After another 15 minutes I finally gave in and asked our backup to leave. It took us a total of 30 minutes to get the last map started. In the two years that Rum has been together, there are only about four clans that we refuse to match due to severe problems during previous matches. Gun is about a hair away from being number five. Perhaps we were the ones being unreasonable... If you have access to the Bannockburn demos, you be the judge. The 30 minute delay was recorded as well and is in the zip with the game demos.
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