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SITH Match

Sunday February 14th 1999 02:21:00 PM | Crash
Rum loses 2 to 1 against SITH again tonight in an hpb match for Lagapalooza. Tonight's match was a disaster for Rum, we were barely able to get four hpbs to the match much less keep them playing through all three maps. In fact, we were short an hpb (as were SITH) and had to agree that both sides would use an lpb. By the end of the third map, only two of our original players were left in the game. We had to replace the other two with people who had just showed up to watch the match. Our problems turned out to be to SITH's good fortune as we lost the match 2 to 1. We appreciate SITH's tolerance as we struggled to keep four people in the match.

Our problems were the result of a dwindling list of active hpbs and it finally blew up on us tonight. Although we appear to have a large roster of hpbs, the fact of the matter is that most of them are either teenagers who's time on the computer is severely restricted by their parents (Crimson, Cyrus, Freak, Venom), people who's time is limited by a heavy load in school, by their job, participation in school sports or by other personal obligations (Brodie, Masterp, Monk, Tupac, Rebel, Scooby and on down the list). That leaves us with barely enough active and reliable hpbs for a 4v4. And to make matters worse, one of those hpbs has just been put on extended restriction because of his grades (which is why we were unexpectedly short an hpb for the SITH match), leaving us unable to field four hpbs for a match. We seem to be cursed by this problem and have to deal with it once or twice a year. We'll do what we've done before, stop matching and work on beefing up our hpb team before we start up again. Sigh...
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