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Network Issues

Monday August 2nd 2004 09:07:00 AM | Crash
The Rum server moved to a new data center on March 28. Same ISP, just a new facility. Of course that introduces all sorts of other changes as well and in our case we started getting a lot of packet loss after the move. That sort of thing is most noticeable with interactive types of connections, like Quake. I don't play that much Quake nowdays however, but did notice the packet loss in network tests that I run hourly. Something I learned to do long ago in order to keep the network clean for our Quake servers. Complaints about network problems don't carry much weight unless you can articulate what the problem is and provide logs to back it up. I had been slack about following up on the packet loss this time because the Rum servers just don't get much use nowdays. But then one of our IHOC players, Mindz, mentioned all the pack loss he was getting so I asked my ISP to take some action. They started working on it July 1 and kept tweaking things and coming back asking if it was any better and it wasn't. Finally they got it right on July 22. My tests starting showing no packet loss and Mindz confirms that he's not getting any while playing either. Whatever tweaks they did before they finally did the one that fixed it, hopefully all those help a little too. So yeh it's fixed.