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Thursday December 17th 1998 01:07:00 PM | Crash
Today we are losing an important member of the group. Tupac is leaving school and going home. He'll no longer have access to that wonderful free ethernet connection. Tupac has been an lpb pretty much all of his Quake career and will not be playing for us on his modem connection. I have demanded that he join us at practice occasionally simply because we don't want to see him fade away and lose touch with us. We have always had a very small lpb team and Tupac has been an important member of that team for a long time now. We are going to miss him greatly. I'm sure his abscense will have a negative impact on our ability to do damage to our opponents during matches until we get used to playing without him. Besides that, we will simply miss having him there with us as he has been for so long... Good luck Tupac, we will miss you buddy.