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Reunion With An Old Friend

Saturday October 17th 1998 12:37:00 PM | Crash

Today I had a long talk with one of our original members who quit Rum back in March after almost a year with us. That member is Phobia, now Jesse James[xUx]. He was the first member who ever quit Rum and the circumstances surrounding his leaving were rather traumatic for us and left a bad taste in our mouth. I don't want to rehash bad blood between Rum and Blood Brothers but there were a lot of issues surrounding what happened that night that falsely painted us in a bad light. We had a match scheduled with BB that Phob was scheduled to play in. Phobia had only a small window of time in which he could play. BB was not happy with the first two servers and 40 minutes after match time we were still trying to come to an agreement on where to play. Phobia grew impatient and said he was leaving. When I protested, he quit. Because of what happened that night, we considered the parting to be on bad terms and relations between Phob and Rum have been cold ever since. Showing a lot of maturity, today Phobia approached me to make ammends for what happened. He wanted to apologize to Rum publicly, the same way he embarassed us back in March. I think it took a lot of guts for him to make this apology here on our news page and I have a lot of admiration for him. We graciously accept his apology and look forward to having him play with us once again when he is not busy with xUx.

To all whom it may involve: This is Jesse James-xUx formerly Phobia of Clan RuM. An incident occured about 6 months ago which I am embarrassed to be one of the causes for it. A big miscommunication problem occured between me, Crash, BB, and the rest of RuM. The two clans were scattered around different servers and Crash was trying to find one for us to be at. I decided to take matters into my own hands and tell the rest of RuM and BB to go to a certain server. I should have just sat quiet and waited for Crash to show up, but I didn't. Crash reprimanded me and I didn't want to hear it then because I was mad that things weren't working out. I was severely restricted in my playing time back then, so I said the heck with it and told Crash that I was going to quit. Before this match, we had been in WWI and it felt to me like I had been carrying the clan. I was almost in every match, which was scheduled around me. I now realize that I wasn't carrying the clan, I was just an important factor/player. I wanted to join a more elite clan that had members that were better than I was. So I used this situation as an excuse to quit RuM. I totally embarassed Rum and hurt their reputation. I want to publicly apologize and take the blame for what happened.

Jesse James-xUx