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  • Date
  • [ June 6th 1998 ]
  • Results
  • [ Loss ]
  • Affiliation
  • [ n/a ]
  • Game
  • [ Quake ]
  • Mod
  • [ Capture the Flag ]
Map One
  • Server
  • [ ]
  • Result
  • [ Loss ]
  • Map
  • [ ctf2m2 - Warzone ]

Map Two
  • Server
  • [ ]
  • Result
  • [ Loss ]
  • Map
  • [ ctf2m4 - Ruins of Neominonk ]

[ Five years later and this match still pisses me off. Not at SD but at Rum. We played our two best maps and still lost. It's got to be our worst match ever. Our hpbs played Ruins all the time but our lpbs had never played it. Regardless I still selected it as our map because in two or three nights I could have the lpbs trained on it. The only problem was they never came to practice before the match. So they were running around aimlessly having not the slightest idea how to play the map. At the start, Pepsi beat SD to the middle and grappled into their base right over the quad, totally ignoring it. It was the only time we ever lost Ruins. Pathetic. We lost Warzone too, also pathetic. This match was not for any league, it was an SD challenge. We had been warned against playing them by another clan but decided to go ahead anyway. Other than some snide remarks through out both maps, they behaved acceptably. -Crash ]