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  • Date
  • [ March 12th 1998 ]
  • Results
  • [ Win ]
  • Affiliation
  • [ n/a ]
  • Game
  • [ Quake ]
  • Mod
  • [ Capture the Flag ]
Map One
  • Server
  • [ ]
  • Result
  • [ Win ]
  • Map
  • [ ctf1 - McKinley Base ]

Map Two
  • Server
  • [ ]
  • Result
  • [ Win ]
  • Map
  • [ ctf2m2 - Warzone ]

[ We had become friends with because he officiated a lot of our matches during WWI. For some reason that I can't recall, GI had dropped out of actually playing in WWI. Anyway, we arranged this match and spanked GI pretty good, especially on Warzone where they never capped once and our score was well over 1000. I was pretty shocked that they did so terrible on Warzone as well as being embarassed that we had racked up so many points. Never really having seen them play much, I foolishly thought that the two clans were not an even match with the weaker clan being GI. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong as we were to find out later. GI turned right around and asked for a rematch the following week and we gladly agreed. Still delusional about their skill level and trying to even the playing field, I foolishly offered not to choose either of our two best maps... -Crash ]