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Quake 1 fans may enjoy some of the links below. A bit of Rum and CTF history.

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Clan Rum Name Hijacking

Friday April 30th 2010 01:46:00 PM | Crash
Clan Rum was formed in 1997 as a net Quake (one) CTF clan. We matched a little in 1997 and then continuously in 1998, 1999 and 2000. From 1997 through the first part of 2001 we practiced on our own practice server at 8pm every single night without fail when we weren't matching. Our history is well documented on this web site and that includes details and demos (recordings) of all of our matches. Though we experimented a bit with Quake3 and Q1 Clan Arena in 2001, nothing could ever equal our passion for Q1 CTF and as a result, we have not competed officially since our last Q1 match in November, 2000. We continue as an organization however, and our web site has been in continuous operation since 1998 as has our Q1 Threewave CTF free-for-all server at

Occasionally a group of people will knowingly hijack our name in order to capitalize on our history, recognition and reputation in the gaming community. I don't intend to waste my time and energy addressing each one of these cases when they inevitably crop up but do want to take this opportunity to state very clearly that Clan Rum is not actively competing at this time and if we decide to do so in the future it will be announced here, our home page since 1998. Any activities attributed to Clan Rum that aren't referenced on this site ARE NOT AUTHORIZED by Clan Rum. Players who value integrity should not associate themselves with these counterfeit clans or guilds. If you have information about anyone masquerading as Clan Rum and would like to report it, please email me at the address at the top of this entry. Launced

Sunday March 12th 2006 11:43:00 AM | Crash is a resource for Quake as an online multiplayer game. They provide information on the various mods, server information and provide a place for the community to discuss all things related to Quake.

Quake Shareware

Thursday June 16th 2005 11:18:00 AM | Crash
The people over at have been working on a project to sharewarize some of the mods available for Quake. This involves making changes so that they only use maps and files from the id Software pak0.pak, the pak file included in shareware Quake. The idea being that somebody could download Quake shareware, install one of the better, modern executables (ProQuake, JoeQuake, etc), connect to a sharewarized server and start playing for free. Hopefully this will attract a few more people to Quake and of course, once they realize how great this ground breaking game is they will buy the full version. A worthy goal. I have agreed to put up a sharewarized Threewave CTF server which is now running at pak0.pak doesn't have all the runes so some substitutions were made, orge head for regen for example. If you don't have Quake and want to give it a try click on the "Game Servers" menu option to the left and look for the shareware CTF server for links to the files you need and instructions. Of course registered Quake will work here too so give it a try sometime.

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