LAGAPANOOZA !!! Thursday December 10, 1998 Week 1   

TEC beats BH 2-0

Spill The Blood

      The score does not say it all. This was a well played game by both teams. Neither team gave the other a moments rest.

Jinx defends flag.

With assult after assult on each teams base it was hard to keep up a strong defense. The flag carriers on both teams were constantly returning to base to find that the flag had been taken or they would meet the enemy with their flag on the return to base.

Corporal attacks enemy FC.

All in all this was a very exciting demo to watch (expecially in slow-motion).

If I had not of known the final score before watching the demo I would have been on the edge of my seat the whole time. Close to the end of the map Lochlan from BH seemed to get d/c'd or lagged beyond the point of being able to move. So in the spirit of good sportsmanship Bicycle stopped playing to allow Loch a chance to get back into the game.

Bike waits with flag.

The Forgotten Mines

      This was another well played map by both teams. Both teams did have high pings on this server though which made this map seem more like a HPB game than LPB.

Bike captures the flag.

There is really not to much that I can say about this one. It was fun for a change to watch the LPB's stick to the wall when changing back from the grappling hook. I guess that is why we call this Lagapalooza.

Where are the LPB's?

Loch defends his base.